A Slice Of Bengal In Delhi: 6 Authentic Snacks & Savouries You Will Find Only At CR Park

CR Park
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 400

The Bong Colony of Delhi, Chittaranjan Park is a mecca for all those who love the Kolkata cuisine. The neighbourhood pulls foodies from all over the city for its luscious kathi rolls, hearty biryanis, crunchy phuchkas, mouthwatering cutlets, humble peyajis, luchi mangsho and what not! Also, did you know that the grocery shops at CR Park ( popularly known as Mudir dokan) offer some unique Bengali snacks which you won’t find anywhere else in Delhi? The best part is, you can store these snacks for days, weeks and sometimes even months. Here is a list of 6  such snack options:

1. Aamshotto

This snack is basically a mango bar that you can slice up and enjoy at home. It is alternatively called Aam Papad in other parts of India. Aamshotto is a sweet dish and is a true delight to the taste buds.


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2. Kashundi

Kashundi is basically Bengali-style mustard chutney and can be a zesty dip for all things fried and crunchy. Kashundi comes in bottles of various sizes and can be stored for a long time. Some people try Kashundi with rice, dal and aloo fries and it is the ultimate comfort food combo!


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3. Jharna Ghee

Jharna Ghee is the quintessential item for any Bengali kitchen and it is made from pure butter extracted from cow milk. The ghee with its rich texture and aroma is utterly tantalising and can go perfectly with warm rice, roti and more.


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4. Gobindo Bhog Chal

This is a highly aromatic rice varient made in Bengali households during special occasions like pujas. It is used to make the special Bengali dessert chaler payesh ( Bengali kheer made from rice). Also, it is super easy to boil the grains to make this delicious rich dish. This is a sweet rice, so avoid trying it with non-vegetarian dishes like chicken and mutton.

5. Narkel Naru

These are little round-shaped brown coconut balls that come in packets of ₹30-₹50 at CR Park. Narkel naru is one of the important items served as prasad during Bengalis pujas. Apart from narkel naru, you’ll also get tiler naru at CR Park.

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6. Chirer Moya

These are large crispy jaggery-soaked chivra balls. The fried chivras are bonded using jaggery to make this special snack. Due to the use of jaggery, the snack isn’t sharply sweet and can be loved by everyone.

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How many of these have you already tried?


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