Ayodhya Set To Welcome No-Meat KFC; Has To Change Chicken-Rich Menu; More Eateries To Come Soon

Going meat-free is a major policy that needs to be followed by all restaurants and eateries near Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

by Shreya Ghosh
Ayodhya Set To Welcome No-Meat KFC; Has To Change Chicken-Rich Menu; More Eateries To Come Soon

Ayodhya has been seeing a major tourist footfall ever since the inauguration of the Ram Mandir. The temple’s positive impact in boosting the holy city’s tourism sector was well expected by everyone and the number of devotees arriving here is surely phenomenal. From luxe properties to restaurants, new chains are also coming up in Ayodhya and reportedly KFC is all set to open doors here as well.

Food Chains Cannot Serve Non-Veg Inside Panch Kosi

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Fast food is massively famous among foodies of all ages and one of the prominent names in the market right now is Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC. Well, this American fast food chain is allowed to open outlets in Ayodhya only if they follow a few rules and regulations. We all know how KFC dominates in fried chicken and many non-veg dishes, but the fast food company cannot serve meat in the sacred city in Uttar Pradesh.

Ayodhya is all set to welcome KFC only if the chain serves vegetarian food options. The city strictly follows a veg-only approach and does not allow the selling of meat and alcohol within the Panch Kosi Marg, according to a report by MoneyControl. The concerned authorities will let KFC open an outlet if the fast food chain serves meat-free food items only. The usual menu loaded with non-veg choices cannot be a part of the Ayodhya outlet.

In a conversation with MoneyControl, Vishal Singh, a government official in Ayodhya, shared how they are receiving offers from well-known food chains who want to run their outlets in the city. Ayodhya is ready to welcome these establishments but they need to serve only veg dishes inside the Panch Kosi. And KFC can also have an outlet in the city provided they do not serve non-veg food. The chain already has an outlet on the Ayodhya-Lucknow highway.

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Popular Chains Running In Ayodhya Are:

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From Domino’s to Pizza Hut, many popular restaurants have opened outlets in the city. Domino’s is about 1 km and Pizza Hut is around 8 km away from the Ram Mandir. Customers are enjoying visiting and ordering from these places even after having veg options. The demand for these food chains has been quite huge since the beginning.

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