Ayodhya’s Ram Lalla & Other Idols Get Blankets & Heater To Keep Them Warm In Winter

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy1520

As the winter season sets in, most of us have kept our jackets and thick blankets ready to protect us from the cold. With fans switched off and heaters switched on, Uttar Pradesh gears up for a chilly winter. Infact, the Ram Lalla idol and other deities in Ayodhya have also been provided with blankets and a heater to keep them warm. Ayodhya makes this arrangement for its idols for the second time since the Babri Masjid demolition in 1992.  Read on to know more.

Ayodhya Provides Blankets & Heater To Its Revered Ram Lalla & Other Deities

Ayodhya’s makeshift temple nestled near Ram Janambhoomi site houses the divine Ram Lalla idol and other deities. This includes the idols of Lakshman, Bharat, Bhagwan Shaligram and Hanuman. While the four brothers are seated on one platform, the deities of Hanuman and Bhagwan Shaligram rest on two separate platforms. Now, the Ram Lalla idol and other deities have been adorned with blankets and given a heater to keep them warm amid this chilly winter.

Picture Credits: Outlook India

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According to Times Now,  Acharya Satyendra Das, chief priest of the temple, states to IANS, “We have installed a blower heater in the makeshift temple to ensure that the temperature is under control and our deities do not suffer in this cold. Apart from this, the deities have been given warm clothes and have been covered in a blanket. Earlier, we thought of making a fireplace too but as the makeshift temple is made of wood and glass, it will not be safe. The arrangements made will continue till the winter is here.”

Picture Credits: IANS

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He further states that Lord Ram resides in this makeshift temple as a child. So, they are taking extra care of the idol to protect him from the harsh winter. The chief priest further states, “The Lord is bathed in ‘itr’ (perfume) and the offerings made to him are in keeping with the weather.” And during the summer season, the temple has an AC to ensure the deities’ comfort. Meanwhile, here are some of India’s most unusual temples that you must visit. 

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