Bakeries In Bangalore Will Now Remain Open For Deliveries And Takeaways

by Sanjana Shenoy

Sigh! The lockdown seems like a boring version of an escape room. Trouble is we can’t escape. In such moments of enforced leisure, eating seems to give some respite to our souls. But often we feel something is just missing after our meals because we are missing a dessert. But here’s a piece of sweet news for all those of you who feel the same. Bakeries in Bangalore will now be open for deliveries and takeaways amid the nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

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What’s In It?

For those craving desserts and cakes can now rejoice! Bangalore has allowed their bakeries to remain open and can serve people via online delivery. This is just a sweet message to uplift everyone’s mood right now. On Monday, an order was issued that exempted manufacturers of bread, biscuits, condiments, confectionery and sweets by the agriculture department. The state nodal officer for Essential Commodities and Supply Chain Management, Mr. Rajendra Kumar Kataria mentioned that these products are consumed by every stratum of public and as such it is important for them to remain open.

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What’s More?

Apart from bakeries, liquor shops might also be opened by the state government of Karnataka if the lockdown were to extend beyond April 14. The state government is mulling over the decision due to both financial reasons and to cater to the needs of alcohol-addicted people in the state, who are facing health issues. But until our booze requirements are met, let’s rejoice that we can finally satiate our sweet tooth cravings, thanks to bakeries being open.

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Bakeries too will be open under the condition that they do not allow dine-ins and work with minimal staff and labour. They also need to maintain hygiene, sanitation, and physical distance while operating. The good news is, food delivery apps like Zomoato, Swiggy can now serve us our favourite desserts with just a click of a button. Some of the places open now are Magnolia Bakery, Iyenger Bakery, Gooeylty Brownies, Cupcake Bliss, Budapest Bake Inn,  and every other place you have loved. So why wait, order away! Here are 16 Best Bakeries In Bangalore For 2020