Baku Airport Has These Cocoon-Like Sleeping Pods For Weary Travellers, Offering Comfort And Privacy!

Experience unparalleled rest in a state-of-the-art cocoon.

by Mallika Khurana
Baku Airport Has These Cocoon-Like Sleeping Pods For Weary Travellers, Offering Comfort And Privacy!

Imagine stepping into an airport, weary from travel, your eyes longing for a moment of respite, a place where you can unwind, cocooned away from the hustle and bustle. Now, picture this: an oasis amidst the chaos, a sanctuary called GoSleep, where weary travellers can find solace like never before. Inspired by the opulence of business class seats, GoSleep unveils a revolutionary concept at Baku Airport, beckoning travellers into a realm of unparalleled comfort. 

GoSleep Pods Offer A Luxurious Escape For Travellers 


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These state-of-the-art chairs morph into Sleeping Pods with a mere touch, offering a lavish 180° fold-flat bed reminiscent of a high-end hotel suite. Crafted with finesse in Finland, each GoSleep Pod is not just a seat; it’s an experience tailored to the weary wanderer.

As you settle into the plush confines of your personal sanctuary, a partial or fully enclosed sliding shade envelops you. It shields you from the glare of airport lights and the curious gazes of passersby. Within this haven, designed for rest and rejuvenation, you’re granted the gift of tranquillity, an escape from the chaos of travel.

But GoSleep doesn’t stop at comfort. These Pods are a traveller’s dream, equipped with ample storage for your belongings. It truly ensures your valuables remain secure as you drift into a peaceful slumber. Need to charge your devices before your next adventure? Fear not, for each Pod comes with built-in charging ports, alongside optional tablet PCs offering seamless internet access.

Every traveller understands the struggle of attempting to sleep in a semi-upright position, amidst the cacophony of airport terminals. GoSleep seeks to remedy this, offering weary souls a haven where they can recline in true comfort, embracing a proper sleeping position. No more cramped necks or restless nights; just pure, uninterrupted rest.

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Revolutionary Sleeping Pods Redefining Comfort


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But GoSleep isn’t just about providing a comfortable space to catch some Z’s. It’s about enhancing the overall airport experience, minimising the need for weary passengers to resort to makeshift camps on terminal floors. By offering Pods that can be rented for a few hours, GoSleep not only ensures passenger comfort but also promotes the efficiency of airport operations.

So, how does this marvel of modern convenience work? Simply slide into the Pod and lower the privacy cover, transforming your space into a cocoon of tranquillity. The breathable material ensures optimal air circulation, while subtle translucent panels maintain a soothing ambiance without sacrificing privacy. And fret not about getting locked in. These Pods are designed with safety in mind, easily accessible in case of emergencies.

But GoSleep isn’t just a functional necessity; it’s a statement piece. With its sleek, customisable design, these Pods seamlessly blend into any environment, their presence evoking intrigue and admiration alike. And rest assured, safety is paramount, with each Pod meeting stringent fire and safety regulations. It ensures peace of mind for all who seek refuge within its confines.

So, the next time you find yourself at Baku Airport, seek out GoSleep, and embark on a journey of rest.

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