Band From Vienna Plays Music Using Vegetables! “Good Taste In Music” Has Never Been More True

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Band From Vienna Plays Music Using Vegetables! “Good Taste In Music” Has Never Been More True

You must have heard people compliment each other, saying, ‘You have good taste in music’. Playing music is not at all a cakewalk because one has to understand the instrument, the melody, and create magic. Many bands and orchestras are known for their music and unique way of playing instruments, but this band from Vienna plays music using instruments made of vegetables, and they are simply amazing!

Band From Vienna Plays Music Using Vegetables


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This extremely talented band first came into action in 1998 and has performed at shows all around the world using homemade instruments fashioned from different vegetables. The list is endless and includes beat-oriented house recordings, experimental electronic music, free jazz, noise, dub, clicks and cuts, and contemporary music.  

Vegetables, including dried and fresh pumpkin, celery root, carrot, leek, artichoke, and onion skin, are used to make every instrument. So, these parts are all used to create live instruments and sound generators that are typically only used for a single performance or studio day. 

According to their website, in addition to the veggies, different tools like record players or power drills are utilized to produce odd noises and give unexpected texture to the music. (As per The Indian Express)

A Diverse Ensemble

Credits: @a1234music/Instagram

Eleven musicians make up the Vegetable Orchestra and each member can play any vegetable instrument they choose. 

Members of the ensemble include writers, sound poets, musicians, visual artists, architects, designers, and media artists. To their credit, they have three CD albums: Onionoise, Automate, and Gemise. 

The ensemble had to essentially create new instruments and songs for each album in order to set it apart from the previous one. It takes unbelievably much patience to make an instrument each time you wish to perform. 

Their diligence and perseverance are definitely admirable. It takes unbelievably much patience to make an instrument each time you wish to perform. Their diligence and perseverance are definitely admirable.

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Tomato Was Their First Instrument

Credits: @a1234music/Instagram

Actually, they used a tomato as their first instrument. These gifted musicians can blow carved-out carrots, beat pumpkins, and tap turnips to perform a variety of musical styles, from jazz to modern.

The band members make new instruments out of vegetables everytime.  Each performance requires a sound check right before they hit the stage. 

Now, if you are wondering about what happens to the vegetables after every performance, let us tell you about it too. No, do not worry; these vegetables do not see the waste bin.

After every performance or concert, these vegetables are cooked into a hot soup. The audience that comes to witness this concert enjoys this hot soup right after the concert ends. Because of this unique quality, this band is oen of the most unique bands across the world. 

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