Bandra Has A Mini, 71 Sq.Ft Coffee Shop In A Heritage Bungalow & It Is Probably The Smallest Cafe In India

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by Sanjana Shenoy 450

Subko Specialty Coffee Roasters, serving one of the best speciality coffee brews across India, has one of the smallest coffee shops in the nation. We aren’t kidding! Nestled in the bylanes of Bandra, Mumbai, Subko Mini gives you the chance to sip coffee and munch on croissants amid a thriving art and culture scene. Didn’t get us? Well, read on to know all the deets.

Subko Mini Is Probably India’s Smallest Cafe

Aneesh Bhasin, the co-founder of Svami Drinks, introduced his Insta followers to what is allegedly the smallest coffee shop in India — Subko Mini. On his Insta handle, @aneeshb, he shared a video of the charming coffee shop in Bandra that’s just 71 square feet. The mini(est) of cafes in India is located at the red-hued Art & Charlie, cultural hub. A small door leads you to the cafe. A barista brews hot coffee at the tiny counter.


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Freshly baked artisanal goodies like croissants and cookies are neatly displayed at the counter. Subko Mini is super cute, with just about enough place to accommodate 4 customers, maybe even fewer. It’s like Bandra’s best-kept secret, only known to coffee and art connoisseurs. Aneesh Bhasin even wonders if this is perhaps the smallest cafe in India. The 71 square feet of space is so compact that the tall barista doesn’t even have enough room to stand straight.

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It’s Located At Art & Charlie In Bandra, Mumbai

Interestingly, Subko Mini is located at Art & Charlie in Bandra. A heritage bungalow on Pali Hill has been transformed into an art and culture hub. This gallery aims to make art accessible to everyone, not just the elite. It’s home to a gift shop, art gallery and even Subko Mini. At what seems like India’s smallest cafe, you can sip single-origin espressos and gorge on curated cookies. Do note, this is only a takeaway and dine-in cafe. It doesn’t offer home deliveries.


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So, when are you planning to head to Subko Mini, one of the smallest coffee shops/ cafes you might have ever visited?

Where: Subko Mini, 71A Pali Village New Red House, inside Pali Village, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
When: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm (All days except Mondays)

Cover Image Courtesy: @subkocoffee/ Instagram