Bangalore Man Shares Heartwarming Story Of Delivery Man In Crutches

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bangalore Man Shares Heartwarming Story Of Delivery Man In Crutches

Food delivery agents are no less than superheroes who brave scorching summers, chilly winters and heavy rains to delivery hot food to our doorsteps. But how often do we give them good tips, spark an amicable conversation, offer a glass of water, a simple thank you or even a courteous smile? Now that’s the food for thought. A Bangalore man struck a conversation with his Swiggy food delivery agent, what he was left with was an inspiring story.

Heartwarming Story Of Delivery Man On Crutches In Bangalore

Rohit Kumar Singh, a Bangalore-based man took to Linkedin to share his heartwarming encounter with his delivery agent. Rohit wondered why his food took so long to arrive. When he opened his door he was surprised to see his delivery agent. A man in his mid-40s with grey hair was balancing himself on crutches. On striking a conversation with him. The Swiggy delivery agent introduced himself as Krishnappa Rathod, who lost his job at a cafe during the pandemic.

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Picture Credits: Rohit Kumar Singh/ Linkedin

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Krishnappa Works Tirelessly To Support His Family

Krishnappa took on the job of a delivery agent. He has three children to support and he wishes to send them to Bangalore for a better education. Krishnappa works tirelessly day in and day out, despite being on crutches. He has a wide smile on his face and a never die spirit. The delivery agent after a 2 to a 3-minute conversation with Rohit, excused himself as he had pending deliveries.

Picture Credits: Indiatimes

Rohit was inspired by his story and decided to start a fundraiser to help him. This is indeed just the story we need to take a break from complaining about our lives and draw inspiration from a man who has defied all odds with a smile on his face.