Bangaloreans Voted For Their Most Favourite Monsoon Street Food & We Have A Clear Winner!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bangaloreans Voted For Their Most Favourite Monsoon Street Food & We Have A Clear Winner!

Bangalore and monsoon always go hand in hand. The overcast skies, the pitter-patter of raindrops, and dreamy cool weather always make it the perfect scene for a piping cup of filter kaapi and hot vadas. Every region has its own set of monsoon favourite snacks and street food. Like chai and aloo vadas for Mumbaikaras. So, what’s Bangaloreans’ favourite monsoon street food? One survey has revealed it all. And there’s a clear winner.

Bangaloreans Voted For Their Favourite Monsoon Street Food

A poll conducted by Bangalore Times on its social media page has finally revealed which street food Bangaloreans love gorge on during the monsoon season. A whopping 52 per cent of respondents chose the Bangalore hot chaat, masala puri as their all-time favourite monsoon snack. The second place was bagged by a crispy golden dose, for which 27 per cent of people voted on this poll.

Picture Credits: Canva

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The third place was bagged by momos with 16 per cent. Kathi rolls was voted by 16 per cent of the respondents. It’s interesting to note that Bangalore has its own special monsoon street food that stands apart from what the rest of India like to eat. It’s very different from pakoras and momos which you can probably get in many other parts of India.

The Winner Is… Masala Puri!

Masala puri is a unique chaat. Let’s tell you a bit about it. This chaat originating in Bangalore is usually served hot. This lip-smacking street food has crushed crispy pooris, topped with a flavoursome spicy gravy made with white or green peas and potatoes. It’s then topped with sliced onions, cucumbers, carrots and crunchy sev. A dash of sweet-sour tamarind chutney and zesty green minty chutney goes on it.

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As a Bangalorean, I’d have to admit, I completely agree with the poll. It’s masala puri is a street food dish that is unique to Bangalore. And that’s what makes it the best dish to enjoy during this monsoon season. Imagine standing tucking into a plate of hot masala puri as you watch the rainfall in the city. The dish feels like a warm hug on a rainy day.

Bangaloreans, do you also think masala puri is the best monsoon street food in Bangalore? We certainly do!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva (Rep)