Belgium Couple Leave Baby Behind At Israel Airport Check-In Counter To Rush Towards Boarding

by Mallika Khurana
Belgium Couple Leave Baby Behind At Israel Airport Check-In Counter To Rush Towards Boarding

There is no shortage of bizarre incidents in the world. There is a new one surfacing that left airport security in Israel baffled. A couple left their baby behind while taking a flight from Tel Aviv airport. Apparently, they didn’t have a ticket for the baby and after it was pointed out to them, they rushed towards the boarding gate, leaving the child behind.

Baby Left On Check-In Counter In Israel Airport

Couple left their baby behind
Photo Credits: Canva

The couple, along with their child, checked in for a Ryanair flight from Ben Gurion International Airport to Brussels, Belgium, on Tuesday. Once they were made aware that their child didn’t have a ticket, they left the kid at the check-in counter and rushed to catch their flight.

When the parents discovered that the infant didn’t have a ticket, they decided to board the plane while leaving the child at the airline check-in counter.

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They Didn’t Have A Ticket For The Baby

On January 31st, the couple reached the airport to take a flight to Brussels. However, they hadn’t made proper arrangements for their infant to travel. The terms of travelling with an infant are clearly mentioned on the airline’s website. All those who travel with a child are notified that they need to pay up $27 as a one-way fee to carry the child on their laps. There is another term if their parents wish for their kid to travel in a car seat. Clearly, this Belgium couple missed making the necessary payment, leaving their child without a ticket to fly.

The couple was apparently running late for their flight scheduled for Belgium. It seems they were planning to fly with their kid but left it behind.  Clearly, they were in a hurry to avoid missing their flight.

As soon as the security official realised the couple left their baby, they stopped them. The case was later transferred to the police to investigate. The staff was completely shocked by this incident. They had never seen it happen before.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva