Bengaluru Biker Gets Injured In An Accident, Bystanders Extend Help; Netizens Say, “Humanity Always Shines”

An injured biker from Bengaluru was helped by the bystanders and the video has won hearts on the Internet.

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Bengaluru Biker Gets Injured In An Accident, Bystanders Extend Help; Netizens Say, “Humanity Always Shines”

The Internet is full of many videos that show us heinous crimes that break our belief in humanity. But if you look closely, you will come across a few videos that instead reinstill our faith in humanity. One such video from Bengaluru is doing the rounds on social media. The video shows how an injured biker receives help from bystanders. Netizens loved the video and called it beautiful.

Bengaluru Biker Gets Injured In An Accident

An accident took place in Bengaluru on a bustling road. In the accident, a biker was pushed away by a matador. The accident occurred when the biker was trying to change lanes and got hit by the matador.

The incident took place on the Rajarajeshwari Nagar signal, and the biker toppled away because of the matador. As soon as the biker fell off his bike, the bystanders on the signal and other motorists rushed to help the injured man. A traffic police officer came rushing to offer help to this injured biker. 

All this was recorded by a social media platform X (formerly Twitter) user, ThirdEye. This user actually records videos of traffic violations in the city in order to help the Bengaluru Traffic Police. The accident, thankfully a minor one, brought a smile to people’s faces as the bystanders helped the injured man. 

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The City’s Spirits Shine

The video posted by social media platform X (formerly Twitter) user ThirdEye actually received 30K views. It has garnered over 580 likes from netizens, too.

A huge bunch of netizens were happy looking at the video and called it one of the best videos they have come across. Another netizen said that this video actually did reinstill their confidence in humanity.

One of the users shared their experience in the city and recalled an incident where he too was helped by the bystanders. Another person spoke about the importance of humanity in today’s world. 

One of the users also inquired about the health of the injured biker, as the matador actually rammed into his bike. 

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What are your views?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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