Bengaluru: Ejipura Flyover Construction Resumes After 3 Years; Netizens Say, “Witnessed The Construction In My Last Birth”

We wouldn't be surprised if there's an entire civilisation thriving under those very pillars!

by Nikitha Sebastian
Bengaluru: Ejipura Flyover Construction Resumes After 3 Years; Netizens Say, “Witnessed The Construction In My Last Birth”

Rejoice, Bangaloreans! After what feels like an eternity (possibly even a few), construction on the majestic Ejipura Flyover has miraculously resumed! This isn’t just your average infrastructure project restarting, folks – this is a momentous occasion, a day etched in the annals of Bangalore’s glorious history of… never-ending construction.

Ejipura Flyover Construction Resumes After 3 Years


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Yes, you heard that right. Our great-great-grandparents, bless their tireless spirits, laid the foundation stone for this marvel ages ago (2017 for those who are lost). Back then, it was a mere dream, a twinkle in Bangalore’s traffic-choked eye.

Generations have come and gone, using the partially erected pillars for everything, from impromptu cricket matches to existential contemplation. We wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an entire civilisation thriving under those very pillars, completely unaware of the bustling city above.

Remember that History Channel special on the Ejipura Flyover? You know, the one where they “debunked” the theory of aliens constructing it? Well, let’s face it, folks, that was a cover-up of epic proportions. This flyover is clearly older than time itself, a testament to a forgotten alien race with an impeccable sense of urban planning (or a serious overestimation of Bangalore’s traffic woes).

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Netizens Did Not Disappoint

But fear not, for the tide has finally turned! The youth, ever resourceful, have harnessed the power of the internet. Using the mystical art of Instagram “manifestation” (involving copious amounts of avocado toast and inspirational quotes), they willed the construction crew back to work.

And lo, it came to pass! Netizens took to social media to make hilarious memes and posts. Comments like “I can die in peace now” and “Witnessed the construction in my last birth” were plenty.

So, let us raise a glass (or a cup of filter coffee) to this glorious day. Let the celebrations commence! Because after all, all good things come to those who wait… for an indefinite period of time, in a state of perpetual traffic snarls. But hey, at least it’s finally happening, right? Right…?

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Oh, and for the curious tourists out there, this architectural wonder has also garnered a rather hilarious nickname on Google Maps: “Ejipura Stonehenge.” So, if you’re ever in Bangalore and fancy a pilgrimage to a monument that’s older than time (and possibly even witnessed the construction of the pyramids), you know where to head. Just be prepared for a long wait – the traffic might be more ancient than the flyover itself.

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