Bengaluru Man Gets ₹10,000 Compensation From Supermarket After He Consumes Expired Oats & Falls Sick

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Bengaluru Man Gets ₹10,000 Compensation From Supermarket After He Consumes Expired Oats & Falls Sick

We have been taught by our parents and teachers since childhood to always check the expiration date of any product before buying it. But sometimes you have to be a little extra careful to check if the packet has been relabeled with a new expiration date to fool you. Something similar happened in Bengaluru with a man who took the matter to court. He recently got ₹10,000 as compensation from the supermarket. 

Bengaluru Man Gets ₹10,000 Compensation From Supermarket 

Credits: Canva

On September 24, 2021, a Bengaluru man named Parappa learned a very important lesson. He stayed in Joripet and visited the Namdhari supermarket. He purchased many items for his house, which included Post Honey bunches of Oats worth ₹925. 

He went back home, consumed it, and felt sick. The 49-year-old man consulted a doctor and was diagnosed with food poisoning. He went back home and checked the oat packet thoroughly. He was shocked to see that the original expiration date, which had already passed, was hidden under a fresh new label with a future expiration date. 

This was a case of misleading a consumer by pasting a fake and false label on the product. 

Parappa from Bengaluru contacted the store staff but failed to receive any positive response from them. 

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A Legal Notice Against Unfair Business Practices 

Credits: Canva

He submitted Namdhari Agro Fresh Private Limited a legal notice on November 7, 2021, alleging service deficiencies and unfair business practices. A year later, he went to the Shantinagar location of the Bengaluru I Additional District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.

While Namdhari’s counsel maintained that the accusations were untrue and the firm was a reputable one operating for many years, Parappa’s attorney put forth his position. The grocery has hundreds of customers, making it impossible to keep track of them all, the court was informed.

The legal process took about nine months. The complainant had provided proof that the packet had been relabeled with incorrect manufacturing and expiration dates over the earlier ones, the court observed.

On August 8, 2023, the court ordered the business to give the client a refund of Rs 925 and Rs 5,000 as payment for inflicting him with disease and misery. Additionally, within two months of the judgment, ₹5,000 more must be paid to cover his court costs.

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