Bengaluru: Traffic Police Data Reveals Over 2,000 Road Accidents In The City Till May; 376 Died

Over 2,000 cases of road accidents in just 5 months in Bengaluru is certainly worrying.

by Shreya Ghosh
Bengaluru: Traffic Police Data Reveals Over 2,000 Road Accidents In The City Till May; 376 Died

Road accident cases seem to be on the rise. Are people not following basic safety guidelines or are they just not caring about themselves and others while rashly driving on roads? Shockingly, there have been more than 2,000 road accidents in Bengaluru till May and the number is indeed alarming.

Bengaluru Saw Over 2,000 Road Accidents In Just 5 Months

Bengaluru Road Accidents
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The recent data shared by Bengaluru Traffic Police shed light on the worrying number of road accidents in the Karnataka capital in the first 5 months of 2024. According to a report by Hindustan Times, 368 accidents led to people losing their lives. Around 1,672 incidents were less lethal than others. The Bengaluru Traffic Police data also revealed that 376 people died in these life-threatening road accidents in Bengaluru. And 1,736 people suffered from injuries.

But why are so many accidents occurring in the first place? What are the factors causing thousands of accidents in just about 150 days? The 2024 Violations Data by Bengaluru Traffic Police came as a major shock to the city residents. Data disclosed a total of 39,10,980 violations during this period. As expected, rash driving and over-speeding have remained the biggest reasons behind road accidents in Bengaluru.

Unfortunately, there is a long list of factors behind these horrifying incidents. From not following traffic signals to not wearing helmets at all times, Bengaluru Traffic Police’s data pointed out people’s carelessness while driving and not being focused on following basic rules.

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What Is Most Concerning And Alarming ?

Bengaluru Road Accidents
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  • A report by Bangalore Mirror revealed 5,433 drink and drive incidents in the past 5 months.
  • People driving two-wheelers seem to be the most careless as they have violated the most guidelines. There are more than 33 lakh cases of two-wheelers.
  • Bengaluru Traffic Police shared how there are records of more than 16 lakh riders and 10 lakh passengers in the back seat travelling without helmets.
  • A few other violations are using mobiles while driving, crossing traffic signals, and not wearing safety belts while driving cars.
  • The traffic police caught more than 2,700 people driving vehicles without a valid licence.
  • There are cases of defective registration plates as well.

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These numbers show how more and more people are not following safety guidelines. It is not only time to take significant action to control them but everyone also needs to be cautious. It is high time to understand that our smallest mistakes on the road can take away an innocent life. Road safety rules are implemented for our protection and it is crucial to obey regulations.

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