8 Best Beaches In Saudi Arabia To Cool Off And Unwind Amidst Nature’s Beauty This Summer

The kingdom's pristine beaches promise crystal-clear waters, golden sands, and a refreshing coastal breeze

by Priyanka Fernandes
8 Best Beaches In Saudi Arabia To Cool Off And Unwind Amidst Nature’s Beauty This Summer

Discovering Saudi Arabia’s stunning coastline offers a cool reprieve from the summer heat. With various beach destinations, from secluded havens to lively shores, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re after relaxation or adventure, the kingdom’s pristine beaches promise crystal-clear waters, golden sands, and a refreshing coastal breeze. Here are eight top beaches in Saudi Arabia to unwind and enjoy nature’s beauty this summer.

1. Haql Beach


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Haql Shipwreck Beach mesmerises with its mysterious shipwreck emerging from the Red Sea’s clear waters. A magnet for explorers and history buffs, this beach offers adventure in snorkelling and diving amidst vibrant coral reefs. Its soft sands and tranquil waters provide an idyllic retreat, perfect for escaping the city’s fast life. Whether unwinding on the shore or picnicking, visitors are treated to stunning natural vistas.

2. Al Fanateer Beach 

Al Fanateer Beach
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Al Fanateer Beach in Al Jubail is a top tourist spot known for its stunning views and recreational offerings. Visitors can stroll along the palm-lined shore, enjoy boat rides, and relax on the white sands. It’s perfect for families and solo travellers and has amenities like a playground and shaded areas. Plus, nearby dining and shopping options add to the overall experience.

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3. Umluj Beach


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Umluj Beach, dubbed Saudi Arabia’s Maldives, is a serene paradise with smooth sands, clear waters, and vibrant marine life. Among the many beautiful beaches in Saudi Arabia, it stands out for its tranquil atmosphere and stunning vistas, providing an escape from crowded shores. Ideal for snorkelling amidst rich biodiversity, it attracts nature lovers and birdwatchers seeking scenic charm and the sight of migratory birds. Umluj Beach truly epitomizes the peace and beauty found along the kingdom’s coastline.

4. OIA Beach


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The OIA Beach Club offers a serene escape from the urban hustle, featuring white houses reminiscent of Greek beaches. Inspired by Mykonos and Santorini, its chic design seamlessly blends Greek architecture with modern aesthetics. Visitors can relax on the white sandy beach, indulge in delicious cuisine at the Pareya restaurant, and enjoy water activities like sailing and kayaking. The beach also boasts craft cafes and restaurants, adding to the overall experience of tranquillity and enjoyment.

5. Silver Sands Beach

Silver Sands Beach
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Silver Sands Beach is a haven for adventure lovers, offering swimming, snorkelling, and windsurfing against a relaxed dress code. This private beach in Saudi Arabia beckons visitors for annual getaways, boasting a beach club with various activities and stunning sunsets for memorable moments with loved ones. Expats cherish its laid-back ambience, free from stringent dress code rules. Paid entry ensures access to showers, bathrooms, restaurants, and beach amenities, completing the perfect beach escape.

6. Indigo Beach

Indigo Beach in Obhur offers an exclusive and lavish experience reminiscent of Bali’s beauty. Among the luxurious beaches in Saudi Arabia, it stands out as a sanctuary for relaxation, boasting sea views, waterfalls, and infinity pools. Guests can enjoy a gym, water sports, and spa treatments and stay in opulent bungalows or water villas. Access is limited to members or referrals, enhancing its appeal as a private getaway. The beach provides a tranquil escape, perfect for unwinding and admiring lagoon vistas. Exploration of the Bali-inspired landscape and nearby Bwejuu fishing village adds to the allure of this sophisticated beach destination.

7. Uqair Beach

Uqair Beach
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Uqair Beach, once a vital port, is now one of Saudi Arabia’s most stunning coastal destinations. Its sky-blue waters and historic fortress attract visitors seeking both natural beauty and cultural exploration. Situated 70 kilometres from Al Ahsa’s Al-Hofuf, it offers glimpses into the Ottoman and Islamic eras through well-preserved structures and artefacts. History buffs will delight in its hidden treasures, making it an ideal spot for swimming and a journey through time.

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8. Durrat Al Arus

Durrat Al Arus, Saudi Arabia’s oldest beach, features 1000 villas, a private hospital, and a diving school on an artificial island near Jeddah. With sea-facing villas and a lively marina, it’s popular among international tourists and expatriates for its liberal atmosphere. Located just 45 minutes from the city, it’s one of Jeddah’s most coveted beach clubs, offering diverse amenities like diving schools and golf courses for sun seekers and luxury enthusiasts.

As summer nears, Saudi Arabia’s beaches offer a range of experiences from historic charm to exclusive luxury. Whether you seek tranquillity or excitement, there’s a perfect spot along the kingdom’s pristine coastline.

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