5 Best Pizza Places In Delhi For 2019

by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 3122

Pizza is comfort, pizza is love, pizza is home, pizza is all. Am I right or am I right? It feeds the hungry and removes the grumpy. When we lay eyes on those perfect curves covered in cheese, our heart melts. Lifting a slice slowly to watch that cheese stretch relaxes our muscles. The first bite of perfectly baked hand rolled dough warms our insides like a best friend’s hugs. Exhaustion from a long day turns into well-deserved reward with pizza in our hands. Without further ado, here are our five top picks for best pizza places in Delhi, so that you can rush to one of them now!

Best Pizza Places

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1. Olive Bar and Kitchen

Best Pizza Places

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Hands down one of our favourite pizzas in town. We love the pizza here so much that we often end up ordering nothing else from their mind-blowing menu. This place is a delight for anyone. They have three different sittings, each with a unique vibe. Our favourite is the white-blue outdoor. The ground is covered in white pebbles and the restaurant is built around a huge tree which arches over it. Festivals are amazing here too with custom menus and décor. All of this is nothing compared to their wood oven pizzas which are visible to the guests. Somehow the base is soft and crunchy! Each element on the simplest of pizzas here is pristine. With outlets in five cities, Olive has earned a spot in the list for best pizza places.

What to order: Parma Ham Pizza

Where is it: Mehrauli

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2. Baking Bad

Best Pizza Places

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We never thought home-delivered pizza could be so good to make it to my best pizza places. Gone are the days when you have to get out of pajamas for the perfect pizza. Netflix is not chill without Baking Bad in bed with me and we are okay with it. Their largest pizza, let’s just say, is quite large. If you ask us, the bigger the better. Their thin crust is so thin we can finish the whole pizza and it is worth it. They never act stingy with toppings and have customizations down to the sauce. So go healthy with extra cheese on quinoa crust, no one’s judging. We only judge people who don’t like pizza.

What to order: Craft your own

Where is it: Delivery only, everywhere

3. Pizza Express

best pizza places

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What’s in a name? A lot apparently. Pizza Express run the best pizza places all over the world from UK to China. It’s our turn now. They have managed to maintain their global standard in every outlet unlike the failures of most chains. They have a wide range of options and even genres, if we may say so. The speciality here is the open kitchen and by open we mean open to guests! Children are welcome to cook with the chef but, with a little convincing, we managed to get in! We wore the big hat, put on the gloves, and threw the dough up in the air like a professional chef on TV. It landed flat on our face and tore into pieces. Our little elves (the real cooks) were happy to roll us another. We filled my fists with three kinds of cheese and you know what happened next. Do not commit the crime of missing out on Pizza Express.

What to order: Self-made

Where is it: Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj

4. Big Fat Sandwich & Pizza

Best Pizza Places

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Big Fat coupled with Blue Tokai coffee in one café is every freelancer’s dream come true. Their chain is the real haven for people working from home. The coffee culture of Romantic era has come alive in the corner tables at Big Fat. Everybody knows everybody, because once you spend a day in the midst of free speech, you’ll always come back. Every outlet is filled with regulars unafraid to be themselves and the pizza definitely helps. The best pizza places have nothing on this. Yeah, the sandwiches are good too but, the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza hits us deep in my soul. I have never seen so much cheese in one place before.

What to order: Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
Where is it: M Block, GK2

5. Roadhouse Café

Best Pizza Places

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Great in every weather and every mood, Roadhouse Café’s pizza is just as good as the rest of their food. They have offers during festivals and always try to keep it upbeat. The service is better than the best pizza places in town. The beautiful terrace is also great for mid-meal breaks because one pizza is just not enough. Everything on the crust is overflowing and oozing out, just the way I like it. They have way too many options with way too many elements. Good experience is guaranteed here no matter what you order.

What to order: Toppings heavy pizza

Where is it: M Block, GK 1

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If you’re happy and you know it, get pizza. If you’re sad, then you definitely have to get pizza. Well, how else are you going to feel better? In sickness and in health, we’ve got pizza. Research says a slice of pizza is a healthier breakfast than a bowl of cereal. (It’s not my research, guys!) But, I have decided to believe it. So get your troupes together because we’re going on this pizza crawl.

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