9 Best Samosa Places In Pune For 2020

If there’s a snack that works at any time of the day, it’s samosa. The triangular fried snack has the power to bring a smile on even a grumpy person’s face. And it is all because of just how well the lethal combination of spicey potatoes/keema along with a crunchy covering of maida go together. Pair it with some freshly made chutney and it is practically unbeatable. So, we decided to look for the best samosa places in Pune and this is what we came up with.

1. Anarse Samosewale, Sadashiv Peth

If you are trying to look for Anarse Samosewala, it will be fairly easy because of the crowd that is always outside the shop. The joint makes piping hot samosa every day and is a popular breakfast joint too. They serve their samosas with a handful of sev on top which gives it that extra crunch.

Best Samosa Places

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Address – Anarse Samosewale, Shop 4, Near Dyanaprabodini School, Sadashiv Peth, Pune
Contact – +91 9766524095
Cost for 2 –  ₹100 (Exclusive of taxes)

2. Cafe Goodluck, Deccan Gymkhana

Serving everything under the sun, Cafe Goodluck is one of the most legendary restaurants in the city of Pune. From Bun Maska and chai to crunchy samosa, they nail everything that they make. And they are budget-friendly too.

Best Samosa Places

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Address – Cafe Goodluck, 759/75, Goodluck Chowk, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune
Contact – +91 8087810002
Cost for 2 –  ₹600 (Exclusive of taxes)

3. The Irani Cafe, Multiple Outlets

The Iranis know how to make a mean samosa and the Chicken Samosa at The Irani Cafe is to die for. Filled with a delicious minced chicken filling and fried to perfection, you can’t just stop at one.

Best Samosa Places

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Address – Multiple outlets
Cost for 2 –  ₹300 (Exclusive of taxes)

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4. Khalsa Dairy, Viman Nagar

A proper mithai and snack joint, this is as old school as you can get. People have been visiting this eatery for years and have found no reason to complain except when they run out of samosas. Yes, their samosas are that good!

Best Samosa Places

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Address – Khalsa Dairy, Viman Prestige, Off Datta Mandir Chowk, Viman Nagar, Pune
Contact – 020 26630751
Cost for 2 –  ₹250 (Exclusive of taxes)

5. Darshan, Multiple Outlets

Think hot and crispy samosas with a generous filling of aloo in it. Now imagine having that with some garam chai. Can it really get better than that? You get this slice of heaven at Darshan.

Best Samosa Places

Address – Multiple outlets
Cost for 2 –  ₹700 (Exclusive of taxes)

6. Jalebi Junction, Multiple Outlets

Another mithai joint, this one of the best places to stop by for a quick snack (preferably samosas). Enjoy it with a side of juicy jalebis and you will be good to go.

Best Samosa Places

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Address – Multiple outlets
Cost for 2 –  ₹150 (Exclusive of taxes)

7. Teri Rajput, Koregaon Park

One of the best places to enjoy North Indian food, Teri Rajput truly packs the essence of the north in its food. Their samosas are otherworldly and their Chole Bhature is also quite amazing!

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Address – Teri Rajput, Shop 4, Survey 32A/1b, Plot 325, Sukhwani Park, Koregaon Park, Pune
Contact – +91 9604121313
Cost for 2 –  ₹300 (Exclusive of taxes)

8. Cafe Samosa Corner, Kondhwa

Did you think that the primary filling of samosas was potatoes or keema? Well, you have clearly not tried the samosas from Cafe Samosa Corner then. With every filling imaginable, their samosas are quite something. We particularly like the Prawns Samosa and the Chicken & Cheese Samosa.

Address – Cafe Samosa Corner, Galaxy A-1/A-2, Near Hill Mist Harmony, Kauserbaugh, Kondhwa, Pune
Contact – +91 9764333256
Cost for 2 –  ₹100 (Exclusive of taxes)

9. Sultan’z Biryani, Samosa & More, Kondhwa

The samosas at Sultan’z are always worth a mention because this joint makes the most unique variants of samosas. Right from Cheese Pizza Samosa, Mutton Bolognese Samosa to the White Chocolate Cinnamon Samosa and Mocha Samosa, each one is worth a try.

Address – Sultanz’ Biryani, Samosa & More, Shop 1, Mehboob Manzil, Opposite Lifeline Hospital, Kausarbaugh, Kondhwa, Pune
Contact – +91 8208286296
Cost for 2 –  ₹400 (Exclusive of taxes)

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