Bhopal Man Creates Face Masks With PM Modi’s Nose And Lips On Them

by Suchismita Pal
Bhopal Man Creates Face Masks With PM Modi’s Nose And Lips On Them

Wearing masks have become the new normal in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. From airports and railway stations to hospitals, restaurants and markets, face masks are compulsory everywhere now. Also, shops in various cities are now selling masks of varied designs, patterns and colours. The apparel companies have even come up with designer wedding masks. And then comes this vendor from Bhopal, who is making masks with PM Modi nose and lips on them. Read on!

Masks With PM Narendra Modi’s Nose And Lips On Them

Kunal Pariyani, a cloth store owner in Bhopal, Madya Pradesh is selling unique masks with faces of PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Kamal Nath and Shivraj Singh Chouhan printed on them. The people absolutely loved his concept and the masks caught the attention of a large number of buyers. As per reports, the PM Modi mask is the most popular and Pariyani has already sold about 1000 of them. The cost of these masks ranges from ₹80 to ₹100. In fact, the shopkeeper has claimed that he can make personalized face masks too, with anybody’s smile. By identifying the demand of the face masks during the pandemic, he came up with this innovative business idea. Also, about a month ago, a scuba diving group was recycling ocean plastics into face masks.

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What Else?

The post on these special Modi face masks went viral on Twitter and it garnered about 1813 likes in half a day. In fact, who else could have thought of creating face masks in such a quirky way? Also, another elderly man in Madhya Pradesh named Nehru Khan had recently installed a sensor-operated contactless bell inside the Pashupatinath temple in Mandsaur. Madhya Pradesh has recorded around 10, 641 confirmed coronavirus cases with nearly 459 deaths. The recovery count is about 7677. The initiatives by these men are really commendable in combating the spread of the infection. On that note, have you heard about this face-mask that has an eating-out facility?

Masks PM Modi's Face
Picture Credits: Twitter

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Kudos to Kunal Pariyani for such a wonderful idea! This is yet another example of people getting creative amid the coronavirus pandemic, other than a priest sprinkling water from water pistol and cafe owner making pool-noodle hats for customers. Meanwhile, let us take you’ll on a tour through the lush green jungle of Kanha in Madhya Pradesh.