Biryani For ₹25, Kebabs For ₹15! Enjoy Delish Food At THIS Gorakhpur Eatery

Head to this popular place in Gorakhpur to enjoy feast at the most affordable prices.

by Shreya Ghosh
Biryani For ₹25, Kebabs For ₹15! Enjoy Delish Food At THIS Gorakhpur Eatery

How much do you usually spend while buying biryani? At least ₹200, right? Well, looks like you are in for both a surprise and a treat. An eatery in Gorakhpur has been making headlines on social media platforms for selling the yummiest delicacies at the most affordable prices. From biryani to paratha to kebabs, you won’t even have to spend ₹100 to buy all these appetising dishes from this restaurant in this Uttar Pradesh city.

Bhola Veg Kabab Paratha Is The Famous Gorakhpur Eatery & You Need To Check It Out ASAP

Gorakhpur Eatery
Picture credit- Canva

Nestled on the Medical Road, this eatery is clearly the talk of the town. And why won’t people be tempted to visit this place and try out all the mouth-watering food items served there? Bhola Veg Kabab Paratha serves food probably at the cheapest rates and the best part is that the food quality is great as well. This eatery in Gorakhpur is not just grabbing attention from local people but foodies from nearby places are also rushing there to enjoy the deliciousness.

You will need to spend only ₹25 to enjoy a plate of lip-smacking biryani. Kebabs will cost you only ₹15. In fact, the yummy parathas are served at the most reasonable prices possible. Seems too unbelievable, right? Well, all these are actual prices of dishes served at this local restaurant, and people from all places are heading there.

Cook and everyone involved with this eatery are very much focused on serving the right food to customers. According to a report by Navbharat Times, they prepare the spice mixes of the kebabs and this is a significant reason behind the yummiest and juicy kebabs.

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Enjoy A Feast!

Gorakhpur Eatery
Picture credit- Canva

Food bloggers have made endless videos of this eatery and looks like most of them had great experiences of relishing dishes here. Seeing all the videos, even I wish to quickly visit Bhola Veg Kebab Paratha.

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People of Gorakhpur, have you indulged in a feast of these delicious dishes from Bhola Veg Kebab Paratha? If yes, let us know about your experiences.

Where: Geeta Vatika Rd, Shahpur, B Colony Shahpur, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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