6 Blue Water Beaches In Kerala That Look Like Exotic Foreign Locations

by Sanjana Shenoy
6 Blue Water Beaches In Kerala That Look Like Exotic Foreign Locations

It’s common knowledge for travellers that Goa is one of the most popular beach destinations in India. We suggest you think our of the box and plan a trip to Kerala for rejuvenating beach vacation. Dotted with blue after beaches surrounded by coconut groves, Kerala has a stunning network of heavenly water bodies. Pair that with beach and wellness resorts and you know you’re in for a fantastic holiday. So, here are 6 blue water beaches in Kerala that look like exotic foreign locations.

1. Kappad Beach

Kerala is home to one of the cleanest beaches in the world- Kappad beach. This is a Blue Flag certified beach that has great historic significance. Locally known as Kappakadavu its nestled near Kozhikode. Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama landed in Kappad beach on May 20, 1498. This led to the discovery of a permanent route from Europe to India and later heralded the presence of the East India Company and the period of British colonial rule. Today, Kappad beach is known for its stunning waters, migratory birds, majestic rocks, solar panel installations and more.

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Picture Credits: irisholidays.com

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2. Lighthouse Beach

Staning true to its name, Lighthouse Beach is characterised by a stunning 35m tall izhinjam Lighthouse. Nestled atop the Kurumkal hillock, it’s built entirely from stones, coloured in red and white bands. Apart from the imposing lighthouse, visitors love to flock here for the water activities like surfing, paragliding and parasailing. Surrounded by lush palm plantations and trees, the Lighthouse Beach is perfect for a weekend getaway.

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Picture Credits: commons.wikimedia.org

3. Varkala Beach

Varkala beach is one of the most popular beaches in Kerala. It witnesses scores of tourists during January and prides itself for being an iconic honeymoon destination. The arch shaped beach, lying close to the Arabian Sea, has a stunning cliff stretch that draws tourists from across the country. Varkala beach is also called Papanasam beach as locals believe you can wash away your sins by taking a dip in the sea. Apart from watching the splashing waves, you can take a relaxing Ayurvedic massage or try your hand at water sports.

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Picture Credits: beachesofindia.in

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4. Payyambalam Beach

The pristine golden Payyabalam beach has an incredibly serene and inviting aura. Spreading its reach to around 4km, it’s nothing short of paradise on earth. Take a leisure walk across a bridge built over a narrow canal to reach Payyambalam beach. The dancing turquoise waters, alluring green palm trees and casuarinas, will relax and rejuvenate you. You can go swimming, boating or even opt for thrilling adventure activities. Unwind from the hustle-bustle of the sea and feel yourself coming alive here.

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5. Cherai Beach

Cherai beach situated near Kochi is one of the best places in Kerala to go fishing. This clean, serene beach is also very romantic, perfect for couples and honeymooners. It has often been voted as one of the best beaches of the state. Cherai beach is nestled on the northern end of Vypin Island, making it a merging point of the backwaters and sea. There’s a dream-like feel to this beach. The Chinese fishing nets, fascinating seashells and surrounding greenery add to the irresistible charm of this beach.

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Picture Credits: Klook

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6. Bekal Beach

Diliapidated forts, blue backwaters and greenery is what you’d find at Bekal Beach. Looking nothing less than a foreign beach, it has a rocky jagged terrian on the borders. The old fort here is one of the largest in Kerala. The unparalleled charm of the beach is truly the sightseeing opportunities here. Explore the old fort, splash in the waters, relax on the soft sand and watch golden horizon. Bekal beach is perfect for families looking for a fun picnic.

Beach lovers, these are some of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala that look just like exotic foreign locations. The blue waters, jagged rocks and lush greenery make it perfect for a rendezvous with nature.