BMC’s Tree Authority Approves Chopping 2,700 Trees In Aarey Colony

by Mrunal Mahajan
BMC’s Tree Authority Approves Chopping 2,700 Trees In Aarey Colony

Aarey Colony, the lungs of the city are in grave danger as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s Tree Authority has approved cutting down or transplanting of 2700 trees for the Metro-3 car shed project. A meeting held on Thursday cleared the proposal in spite of facing oppositions from the activists, residents of Aarey and Shiv Sena party.

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Whats’s More?

The Shiv Sena party was against this proposal for cutting down of almost 2, 7o2 trees but the BJP (Bharatiya Janta Party) was in favour of this decision. The activists, residents of Aarey Colony were utterly disappointed with this decision. Two Congress party members who had promised to support Shiv Sena’s claim later walked out of it, as per Mumbai Mirror’s reports.

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To make matters worse, the BMC’s very own tree authority experts were in favour of cutting down trees for the Metro project. Activists and environmentalists plan on taking the matter before High Court until then the BMC will be working on cutting 2,238 trees and transplanting 464.

Image Credits: The City Story

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Even after thousands of petitions, appeals and opposition, this decision was approved by the authorities and it will see the loss of the only green cover in the city. The villages inside the colony will now be directly impacted by this. Trees, cattle, habitations all will be risked for a Metro project.

Amazon rainforest in Brazil is the lungs of the planet and they are burning at an alarming rate, Aarey Colony in Goregoan are the lungs of Mumbai which will see a loss of 2700 trees, cutting down the green covers will invite climate change closer than it already is.