Boarding From Dubai Airport? Here’s What You Can And Cannot Carry In Your Hand Luggage

by Deeplata Garde
Boarding From Dubai Airport? Here’s What You Can And Cannot Carry In Your Hand Luggage

Carrying the extra objects in your hand luggage because you couldn’t fit them into the designated weight of your luggage? Not anymore. Airport security is really stringent when it comes to deciding what you can take across the border. So go on and read this guide to understand what and what not to carry in your cabin baggage during travel out of UAE.

Things To Carry In Hand Luggage

Watching the officials throw the stuff which might be important to you but a threat to security can be displeasing. Airlines usually allow two items of hand baggage. A tiny cabin bag, as well as a shoulder bag that can be a purse, laptop bag, or backpack. Cabin luggage should be no more than 56 cm long, 45 cm wide, and 25 cm deep, along with all handles, side pockets, and wheels.


Money laundering and suspected financial activity are closely monitored in the UAE. Hence passengers should report large sums of cash when travelling. The organisation stated that any cash carried by travellers under the age of 18 will be a part of the amount carried by their guardians.
You can quickly declare cash and commodities online. The ‘iDeclare’ smart application from Dubai Customs streamlines the Customs clearance process. Passengers can declare cash or goods prior to or after arrival at the airport, cutting the time required to less than four minutes.


The UAE government encourages visitors to take extra precautions when carrying certain medications into the country. Some medicines imported from foreign countries may include compounds prohibited in the UAE. This might result in the arrest of persons who possess them.
Dubai Customs said it had made agreements with the Ministry of Health and Prevention. This allows travellers to travel with a prescription that is more than three months old. Passengers must, however, meet specific requirements.

Top 5 Drugs Banned In UAE

  1. Cannabis
  2. Codoxime
  3. Concentration of poppy straw
  4. Fentanyl
  5. Morphine


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Food In Hand Luggage

According to the UAE government, you can import a specific amount of food for personal use.


The prohibition on liquids is now worldwide. Albeit the restrictions are diverse in different countries.
All fluids must be put in a clear, resealable plastic bag. You should carry it in your hand luggage at UAE airports. The item must be less than 100 mL, and the total volume of all of your items must not exceed one litre.

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Exceptions include medication, baby milk and meals, and particular dietary needs to be met throughout the journey.

Banned Products

  1. Any narcotic substances.
  2. Naswar and betel leaves (paan)
  3. Rhinoceros horn and crude ivory
  4. Gambling machines and tools
  5. Fishing nets with three layers.
  6. Engravings, prints, lithographs, sculptures, and statues in any medium.
  7. Substances contaminated by radiation.
  8. Forged or duplicated currency.
  9. Homemade and cooked foods
  10. Poultry and birds frozen
  11. Other foreign commodities imported under UAE customs legislation or any other laws in the country.

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