Boiled Eggs For ₹80, Masala Peanuts For ₹200; Netizen Shares Exorbitant Goa Restaurant Bill

by Shreya Rathod
Boiled Eggs For ₹80, Masala Peanuts For ₹200; Netizen Shares Exorbitant Goa Restaurant Bill

On no-cooking days, we often go out to eat, order takeout or indulge in our favourite street foods. But it is not that pocket-friendly anymore! If you decide to eat outside every day, you won’t have a dime left! Also, food served at certain places is way overpriced compared to other places. A Twitter user shared a pic of a restaurant bill from Candolim which was over ₹3000! And that’s horrendous!

Twitter User Shares Restaurant Bill From Goa’s Boat Shack

Goa is a famous tourist place in India and houses beautiful beaches. Besides this, the place serves some lip-smacking seafood. However, there are some places that serve overpriced food under the pretext of being tourist places! Recently, a Twitter user shared a pic of a bill of ₹3450 from the Boat Shack restaurant located in Candolim, Goa. The bill included Red Bull, Peanut Masala, Roasted Papad, tandoori Chicken Garlic, Paneer Chilly, Chicken Biryani, Jeera Rice and Fish Finger.

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The main dishes cost around ₹350 to ₹600 but side dishes like peanut masala, masala papad, boiled eggs, and red bull cost way too much! A plate of peanut masala was priced at ₹200 while boiled eggs cost ₹80!

Overpriced Food At Restaurants & Other Places

overpriced food
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Boat Shack restaurant is one of the examples that serve overpriced food. However, there are several other places that serve such pricey food. One of them is multiplexes! In fact, this has been a subject of long heated debate where customers were prohibited to carry their food. So, the authorities at cinema halls can charge around ₹200 excluding taxes for just popcorn!

Similarly, food items are served at unbelievable prices at airports. Many outside food items are not permitted inside airports because they are high-security areas. Therefore, travellers have no choice but to eat or drink something expensive inside the airport grounds when they are hungry. Security concerns and several other issues limit the supply to these airport shops. As a result, there is a discrepancy between supply and demand, which raises the price of the commodity.

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In conclusion, every high-security area where food is not allowed or has no competition will serve overpriced food!

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