Break Or Remove Or Damage Official Seals And Be Ready To Pay Dh10,000 fine Or Go To Jail

by Deeplata Garde
Break Or Remove Or Damage Official Seals And Be Ready To Pay Dh10,000 fine Or Go To Jail

UAE laws are very stringent. Be it in any aspect, the UAE government has ensured every citizen is well informed to abide by the law book. Recently, UAE introduced another rule that if not followed, would result in a fine of upto Dh10,000 or imprisonment. The law is about damaging the official seal in any way. So be extremely careful when handling the official seals or get ready to face the penalties.

Residents Informed About The Law Through Social Media

The result of not following the instructions would result in legal actions by the UAE government. The public prosecution informed the residents about the newly implemented rules. The social media updates also announced penalties for residents failing to follow the following law.

The rule about damaging seals was made to promote an organised and legal culture among the residents of the UAE. Being aware of the legislation is quite essential for all the residents of the community.

Which Article Defines This Law About Damaging The Seals?

The law of damaging the seals falls under Article 326 of the Federal Decree-Law No. 31 of 2021, propagating the Penal Code (Law of Crimes and Penalties). It states that anyone who tries to remove, break, or damage a seal applied in accordance with a court or administrative authority’s order on a place, piece of paper or other objects shall be liable for the offence. It further informs that anyone understating the importance of such an official seal shall receive a penalty with a term of imprisonment not to exceed one year or Dhs 10,000.

Therefore it’s very crucial to understand the importance of official seals in UAE and handle them with utmost care.

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