The Best Budget Getaways From Dubai (Under AED 500)

by Saniya
The Best Budget Getaways From Dubai (Under AED 500)

New Year is already around the corner, and we have started planning our weekend getaways. From lofty stays at mountain peaks to beachy resorts crashing onto your feet, there are a lot of cheap holiday destinations to look forward to if you are on a budget this New Year.

1. Rock The Beach In Ras Al Khaimah

Cheap Holiday Destination in UAE
Bin Majid Beach Hotel

Head down to Bin Majid Beach Hotel in Ras Al Khaimah for a winter getaway in UAE. So you get to experience an affordable holiday destination without traveling out of the country with this one. With water sports like jet skis available at the private beach, there is a lot to indulge in at the premises. Want to splurge a bit more? Snap up one of the combined offers with aquapark tickets and have an aqua day out this getaway!

Where: Bin Majid Beach Hotel
Price: starting from AED 150/pax per night
Contact: Website

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2. Romance At The Mountain Top In Al Ain

Mercure Grand Hotel Jebel Hafeet (Credits: Trip Advisor)

Away from the bustle of the cities, at the peak of the Jabal Hafeet is this extravagant resort. It offers breathtaking views from lofty heights of the mountain peaks. Additionally, it also gives a perfect setting to cozy up to your loved one during the chilly wintery nights here, making it a perfectly affordable romantic getaway.

Where: Mercure Grand Hotel, Jebel Hafeet
Price: AED 189/pax per night
Contact: 03 783 8888

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3. Explore the Hatta Pools

Cheap holiday destination
JA Hatta Fort Hotel (Credits: Facebook)

Explore the many natural pools at the Hatta valley. Enjoy the rock pools at Wadi Shuwayyon or traverse the tricky waters of Wadi Khamees. There are plenty of pools to be explored here. And to let you enjoy the natural beauty of Hatta is the cheap hotel holiday destination of Hatta Fort Hotel, that lets you indulge in an all-inclusive mountain staycation this winter.

Where: Hatta Fort Hotel, Hatta
Price: AED 475 for double room/ night
Contact: 04 809 9333

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4. Go Glamping For The Last Moment Getaway

Set at the Jebel Ali end of Dubai, this is a glamping spot that allows you access to beach waters. Isn’t it perfect? Enjoy camping the luxury way while also swinging in the beachy waters. Since this one is within Dubai, besides being a cheap holiday destination, it also allows room for a last-minute getaway with not too much travel time this winter.

Where: Banan Beach, Jebel Ali
Price: AED 350 per night
Contact: 050 5016413


Looking for a weekend getaway to splurge that you can drive from the city? Check out Zighy Bay at Musandam. With a two and half hour drive from Dubai, this one is a serene getaway in Oman, that lets you indulge in quality water sports this evening. You can also get adventurous with trekking at this one.