5 Reasons Hatta Should Be On Your Bucket List

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
5 Reasons Hatta Should Be On Your Bucket List

Located ninety minutes away from Dubai, Hatta is one place which instantly transports you to a different country. Slightly cooler temperature, adventure activities, quirky stay options and of course breathtaking views make this spot a must-go when in the UAE.

1. Stay Options

Promising uninhibited views of the mountains, lakes, wadis, farms, and the dam, Hatta is home to hotel-style stay options. Pictures of the first ever trailer hotel concept by Meraas went viral as soon as it was launched. It offers a unique boutique hospitality experience each with its own terrace, bedroom, kitchenette, lounge but most importantly a pristine bathroom. 

Credits: Visit Hatta

And if that’s not enough, Hatta has a new Caravan Park that converts a humble van into your make-shift home. The caravan is equipped with all things luxury, so you feel completely at home. Good enough for a quick getaway, right?

2. Kayaking 

What’s more soothing than waters and mountains! Hatta has the perfect backdrop for kayaking. So, rent a kayak or a paddle boat and get rowing along the turquoise-hued lake. And, don’t forget to spam your Insta story!

Credits: Visit Dubai

3. Hiking, Biking & Zorbing

The mountains and rocky patches make Hatta a perfect tracking spot. Hike along the Oman border and you will be treated to the breathtaking views of the Hatta dam. 

If you’re up to explore the hills and wadis at Hatta, join one of the many groups and head o a mountain biking. Enjoy the lush surroundings and scenic views of Hatta as you ride through the rocky terrains. 

Credits: Gogravity Instagram
Credits: Gogravity Instagram

Hiking and biking aside, you can also go Zorbing in Hatta. Priced at AED 55 for a single ride, the 200-metre zorbing track is open for kids and adults.

Credits: Visit Dubai

In case adventure is not your cup of tea, you could try zorbing football. The game is priced at AED 35and can be played by two or ten players.

5. Soak In Some History

Adventure activities aside, a visit to the Hatta Heritage Village is something you will remember for life. The village features over 30 buildings, huts and houses, which look exactly like they were 100 years ago. You can also check out the watchtower, fort and mosque.