Built On A Seabed, Buhais Geological Park In Sharjah Will Transport You Back To 93 Million Years!

by Anupriya Mishra
Built On A Seabed, Buhais Geological Park In Sharjah Will Transport You Back To 93 Million Years!

Are you someone who likes to visit historically significant sites that give you a glimpse of the bygone era? If your answer is yes, then you will know that Buhais Geological Park in the UAE is a great attraction. Here you can find everything from model-based interactive displays to the sand dunes of Sharjah. It is worth visiting for its attraction alone and is definitely a great place for history aficionados. Here’s more about this geologically significant area.

Buhais Geological Park Has Five Interconnected Pods

Buhais Jebel
Pic credits: www.visitsharjah.com

The dramatic building of Buhais Geological Park alone attracts visitors for its unique design, which features five interconnected boards echoing fossils of the area. Visitors can expect to learn information about the origins of the limestone mountain ranges of Jebel Buhais. They will also get to explore Sharjah Mountains and its sand dunes, and even expect model-based interactive displays to name a select few attractions. Yes, when you visit the site, you not only get the opportunity to examine local rocks and fossils but also partake in a bunch of learning centres operated by Sharjah’s Environmental Protected Areas Authority. As it happens, this is a new facility, and it also features an immersive theatre, a cafe with panoramic views of Jebel Buhais, and a gift shop.

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The Site Is Built OF A Former Seabed

Buhais Jebel

Talking about the services provided by the site, visitors can opt for guided tours that are available both in Arabic and English. There is a special children’s corner where your lil’ munchkin can draw and match fossils.  Not to mention, a mosque, and even partake in workshops and activities for all age groups. It’s worth mentioning that the collection here will take you back by 93 million years! As it happens, this place has been developed and designed by London-based Hopkins architects. It reflects the sea urchin fossils that are found in abundance in the area and visitors get to experience this first-hand within the centre! Did you know this site is built on a former seabed?

So if you too wish to venture out on an offbeat excursion, then this is the perfect place to consider!

Where: Jabel Buhais Geological Park, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Contact: +97168012100

Cover Image Courtesy: www.visitsharjah.com