Emirates To Introduce The World’s First Robot Check-In System In UAE Airports This Year

by Anupriya Mishra
Emirates To Introduce The World’s First Robot Check-In System In UAE Airports This Year

Travelling for business or leisurely purposes can be quite cumbersome. Especially at airports, as one has to go through a bunch of checking processes which is pretty tiring (and boring). But, what if we told you that soon you may not have to go through all this as a robot will do it for you? Well, keep scrolling as we are here to do just that! In a brilliant round of development, Emirates has announced the world’s first robotic check-in system at airports that they plan to introduce this year.

Sara, The World’s First Robotic Check-In System


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As mentioned above, Emirates announced that it plans to introduce a portable robotic check-in system at airports in the country this year. Touted to be the world’s first system, it’s called Sara and will speak at least six languages. The check-in system will help you navigate everything from check-in to hotel bookings! Yes, Adel Al Redha, COO of Emirates said that so far no airport in the world has such kind of a system. Not to mention, they will be the first to do so. Moreover, the robot will complete the checking process. This includes boarding pass issuance and which will be sent to the traveller’s registered mobile number or email.

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More About The Portable Check-In System

Emirates has developed this portable robot check-in system. And the plan is to introduce 200 of these in airports across the Emirate in the next few years. As it happens, you can expect to see the first one as early as the next few months! Moreover, it is believed that Sara will be extremely beneficial for transit passengers. The reason for this is that the system will be helpful during disruptions or changing flights.

A spokesperson from Emirates relates, “Emirates showcased the world’s first check-in robot at their Innovation forum, ForsaTEK, which is set to transform passenger experience at airports. The check-in robot named Sara can perform a very simple 3 step check-in using biometric identification and can work seamlessly in an airport environment. The robot is AI enabled, and in the future will be able to assist passengers with additional services like airport navigation, booking deals and accepting baggage.”

As such, the plan for the next few years involves upgrading Sara using AI from being just a check-in system. It might even be able to establish whether the traveller has the right entry permits and visas.

Doesn’t it sound absolutely fascinating? Well, we can totally imagine how helpful such a system can be for us travellers of the airports!

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