Downtown Circle! A Magnificent Ring Is Set To Surround The Iconic Burj Khalifa & Dubai Downtown Neighbourhood

by Ishita Agarwal

Znera Space, an architecture studio, has developed a daring idea to alter the Dubai skyline. The 550-meter-tall Downtown Circle, which is the name of the proposed building, would surround the Burj Khalifa & Downtown neighbourhood. It also aims to be autonomous and self-sufficient. Let’s find out more about this exciting project which will change the skyline of Dubai. 

The Ring Will Measure 550m and 3000m In Circumference


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The remarkable size of the tower, which is expected to have a three-kilometre diameter and encircle the whole of Downtown Dubai, is seen in artist renderings. It will be divided into smaller parts, each of which will have residences and public, commercial, and cultural areas.

The two came up with Downtown Circle due to the epidemic, which gave rise to the notion of reconsidering how we live in cities, especially in skyscrapers.

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Downtown Circle Will Have World-Class Amenities


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Five points, or pillars, will support the five floors of Downtown Circle. The huge width of the circle will make up of two primary rings. However, will join vertically with a continuous green space called the Skypark to form a connected three-dimensional urban green ecosystem.

Skypark will also include swamps, waterfalls, tropical vegetation, and other floras, serving as a lung to the building. As part of the urban ecosystem, the design calls for spaces for rainwater collection, solar energy, and a mechanism for storing carbon and filtering air pollution.

The design and sketches also suggest a tram on the outer perimeter ring. Twenty roomy pods with top speeds of 100 kilometres per hour will ferry visitors around the Downtown Circle while providing 360-degree views of the city.

A variety of venues for public, economic, and cultural programmes are created. The whole structure might be divided the structure’s massive scale into smaller parts. The project includes a range of corporate and residential archetypes, including apartments, townhouses, and terraced homes, as well as huge offices and living/working apartments.

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Are you excited to witness this marvellous project around Burj Khalifa? 

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ZneraSpace