Business Travel Makes Major Comeback; 67% Of Indian Companies To Increase Travel In 2023 

by Sanjana Shenoy
Business Travel Makes Major Comeback; 67% Of Indian Companies To Increase Travel In 2023 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home took precedence for health’s sake. Business travel came down to nil as many countries shut their borders and imposed travel restrictions. Now, as the world has almost gone back to normalcy with the rise in COVID-19 vaccines and the fall in infections, business travel is slowly making a major comeback. Here’s what the latest survey says.

Survey Reveals Business Travel Is Picking Up In India & Abroad

Accoridng to a survey conducted by American Express, India, business travel across domestic and international destinations is on a rebound. The survey reveals that 67% of Indian companies expect increased travel for business purposes in 2023. Also, 77% of Indian businesses may also increase their travel budget for this year as compared to last year.

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The survey report titled ‘Revival of business travel: An India perspective’ shed light on the expected trends in India in 2023. One of the findings in the survey state that 41% of businesses opted travelled to present at conferences, conduct presentations or host events. Also, 50% of respondents in the survey called Mumbai the most visited city for travelling for business in India. Internationally, it’s the United States as 44% of respondents affirmed this.

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Some Findings Of This Study

Another finding in this survey states that 53% of companies sent half of their employees on domestic or international work trips in the second half of 2022. Government or public sector employees took the most number of work trips, followed by marketing, sales, and real estate employees. Business travel is yet to bounce back to its full glory as many businesses continue to conduct virtual meetings and events.

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Establishments involved in agriculture, engineering, construction and manufacturing allocate the largest travel budgets with a whopping ₹70 lakhs per year on average for each business. A majority of 92% of companies surveyed already have a travel policy. A further 6% are currently in the process of making one. What’s included in these travel policies? Bookings for hotels, airfares and ground transportation.

So, now that business travel is picking up in India, are you excited about this? Are you looking forward to travelling for work purposes?

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