Buy An Entire Tropical Island In Central America Which Is Cheaper Than A Flat In Mumbai

by Suchismita Pal
Buy An Entire Tropical Island In Central America Which Is Cheaper Than A Flat In Mumbai

Imagine buying an entire island in the middle of the vast ocean at the cost of a Mumbai flat. Well, we’re not saying it as a joke. You can actually have a tropical island to yourself now by shelling out just around ₹3.17 crores ( $475,000). And despite being detached from the mainland, it has amenities like wifi, mobile network and TV signals. This means you can enjoy the remoteness while living a luxurious life.

The Tropical Island Lies In The Heart Of The Caribbean Sea

The Iguana Island, in the heart of the aquamarine Caribbean Sea, lies off the Bluefields coast in Central America’s Nicaragua. Spread across 5 acres, the island offers majestic views of the surrounding ocean. It is dotted with towering banana and palm trees to give one the ultimate tropical feels. And it has a beautiful 3-bedroom villa with a dining room, two bathrooms and a bar. To ensure that you can take a stroll through the greenery, there is a boardwalk right outside the property. If this isn’t a dream home, what else is it?

Tropical Island

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It Has A Watchtower And Rich Marine Life Population

Apart from the above attractions, the island also has a watchtower that offers alluring rainforest views. Also, Iguana Island enjoys a soothing climate all around the year. One can take a private boat to the island from any dock in Bluefields. It is a volcanic island that is safely beneath of the hurricane belt. The encompassing reef has rich marine life population. Thus, the island offers opportunities for activities like scuba diving and snorkelling.

Tropical Island
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