Cab Fares From Electronic City To Bangalore Airport Cost Up To ₹4000; Internet Says Flights Cheaper!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Cab Fares From Electronic City To Bangalore Airport Cost Up To ₹4000; Internet Says Flights Cheaper!

Bus? A resounding yes! Train? Why not! Flight? Hell No! This is pretty much my viewpoint as a Bangalorean. If you can comfortably, conveniently and even cheaply reach a destination on time, then why choose flights? From Chennai to Mangalore to even Pune, I’ve ditched air travel many times for just one reason — the trip to Bangalore airport, which seems less a journey and more a destination. Recently, a man shared cab fares from Electronic City to Bangalore airport, and ‘shocking’ is an understatement!

Man Shares Cab Fares From Electronic City To Bangalore Airport

Cracking jokes about Bangalore airport is #PeakBangalore scenes. Anyone who has lived or travelled to Bangalore knows the pain of paying exorbitant cab fares and tolerating unbearable traffic during peak hours. Often the time taken to reach home from the Bangalore airport is more than the time you spent on your flight. Coming to the Bangalore airport cab fares which have hit the roof, a man recently gave Twitteratis a peek into this scene.

A man with the Twitter account @Badass_Superdad shared a screenshot of Uber prices for a cab ride from Electronic City to Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore. In his caption, he reveals that the cost of the cab is dangerously close to the price he paid for his flight ticket. The picture shows cab fares starting from ₹2584 for an Uber Premium and going all the way up to ₹4051 for an Uber XL.

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It’s A #PeakBangalore Moment

An Uber Go Rental costs ₹2590. A Sedan Rental costs ₹2963 and an XL Rental is priced at ₹3678 from Electronic City to Bangalore airport. What he said, actually makes sense as plane tickets to cities near Bangalore like Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mangalore fall within this price bracket.

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As expected, this tweet went viral in no time, receiving 75.7k views, 173 retweets and 688 likes. @sandeepmphuke comments that it’s high time someone starts helicopter taxis from the city to the airport. Another Twitterati called it a #PeakBengaluru moment. @MintOminty hilariously comments that it’s better to catch a flight to reach back home. Yet someone suggests he take AC Volvo buses or book airport drops on MakeMyTrip. 

Bangaloreans, what’s your solution to these airport woes?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva and @Badass_Superdad/ Twitter