Can You Carry Cup-Noodles To Your Check In Luggage?

by Vinita Jain
Can You Carry Cup-Noodles To Your Check In Luggage?

Carrying food in planes can be risky. The airport security might nab foods from your luggage too. But is it similar for every food item? Well, no that’s not the case people generally carry home-cooked meals with them while boarding. As long as the food is solid, you can carry them, but when it comes to liquids, things might get questionable. Cup Noodles are one such thing whose taste is just enhanced by air. But because they need to be cooked instantly. And to cook them hot boiled water is required. So, can you carry cup noodles to your check-in luggage, or not? Let’s find out.

Can You Bring Cup-Noodles To Your Check-In Luggage?

Noodles and Ramen do not include any animal byproducts in their formulation. And as long as there are no liquids present your meals are acceptable. And because cup noodles are often soupy, the question is justified. But when you carry cup noodles, in your luggage they are solid in nature. We, know you might be thinking hot water is required to make instant cup noodles. Well, no worries, you can politely ask the air hostess to provide warm water. Hence, you can carry cup noodles in your check-in luggage.

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How To Carry Cup Noodles?

So, when you have decided to carry cup noodles during your flight. Then here’s how you can carry them safely. Take an insulated food flask or mug, and put all the raw ingredients, like veggies, noodles, sauces, and raw spices. Make sure to tighten the flask cap. Don’t forget to carry your cutlery along with it. And, you’re good to go.

Feeling hungry, in the plane, take your cup noodles jar, and ask the air hostess for boiled water. Pour the hot water into your food flask. Let it rest for about 5-7 minutes, and your meal is ready. Well for more clarity, refer to this video.

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