This Eatery In Kolkata’s Chinatown In Existence Since 1940 Offers The Best Wanton Noodles & Wonton

by Shreya Ghosh
This Eatery In Kolkata’s Chinatown In Existence Since 1940 Offers The Best Wanton Noodles & Wonton

There are so much of hidden treasures hidden in lanes and roads in our country. Kolkata has unexplored gems in nooks and corners that are in existence for years and we are completely unaware of them. Such a best-kept secret in Kolkata’s Chinatown is ‘Ah Leung’. This eatery is running since 1940 and serves the customers the yummiest authentic dishes from Chinese cuisine. With the power of social media, more and more people are coming to know of this eatery in Kolkata’s Chinatown.

Ah Leung In Kolkata’s Chinatown Is In Existence Since Pre-Independence

Nestled in Tangra, Ah Leung is run by Mr & Mrs Ah Leung. The experience of visiting here is quite exciting as you need to go through many small lanes and walk a bit to reach the destination. On reaching here, you won’t find any well-decorated restaurant per se. The owners are running this eatery in Kolkata’s Chinatown in their residence itself. It is indeed an interesting experience to gorge on delicacies at someone’s house which is actually a restaurant.

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Kolkata's Chinatown

Ah Leung is an underrated breakfast place in the city of joy. We have heard from stories from the locals that this place was actually opened for the locals to relish authentic Chinese delicacies but slowly its popularity spread and people from outside also started visiting Kolkata’s Chinatown to gorge on their lip-smacking Cantonese foods.

The Dishes Here Are Not That Spicy And Are Perfect For Breakfast!

This eatery in Kolkata’s Chinatown has a small variety of authentic dishes of Chinese cuisine. Not everyone cannot eat spicy foods for breakfast, and this is the primary reason for adding light flavours to the dishes. They prepare their most famous wanton noodles with minimal ingredients to make them plain and simple. They use Chinese cabbage, salt, pepper, steamed pork wontons, and very minimal spices to bring out the taste. Also, they serve chilli chicken made with very minimal spices like chilli, pepper, and salt. And you can eat it with your noodles to have an overall flavourful taste.

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A fun fact about this eatery in Kolkata’s Chinatown is its best wanton noodles are now known as ‘singara noodles’. Bengalis have re-named the dish as singara noodles as they add wontons to the noodles. Don’t miss grabbing a bite of wonton, wonton noodles, and chilli chicken if you are visiting here.

Kolkata is home to many such exciting restaurants and eateries. Check out this video to watch a humongous dosa!