5 Best Kathi Rolls To Try In Kolkata

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Best Kathi Rolls To Try In Kolkata

The connection between kathi rolls and Kolkata is a long history. It is one of the most loved street foods in the city of joy and also in various parts of India. When in Kolkata, the exploration of the city is incomplete without gorging on Kathi rolls. There are hundreds of stalls of this popular food all around the city but only a few of them are known to serve the most authentic and lip-smacking ones. Here are 5 top recommendations to gorge on sinfully decadent kathi rolls.

1. Kusum Roll’s

‘Kusum Roll’s’ is one of the most iconic places in Kolkata that serves the most delectable rolls since its establishment. Nestled in Park Street, this place is always filled with students, office goers, and a lot of crowd in general. They feature a huge menu where customers can choose and select the portions of chicken, mutton, eggs, and cheese they want to stuff inside your roll.

kathi roll

2. Nizam’s Restaurant

Nestled in the New Market area, ‘Nizam’s Restaurant’ is yet another iconic eatery in the city of joy. Often known as the inventor of kathi rolls, Nizam’s serves the best of flaky paratha filled with luscious pieces of meat. Founded in 1932, Nizam’s is still at its best and has maintained its quality efficiently.

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3. Zeeshan

‘Zeeshan’ is one of Kolkata’s top restaurants to indulge in the best of Mughlai cuisine. Needless to say, their kathi rolls are very famous just like their entire menu. It is surely food heaven for Kolkata people. Presently there are 7 outlets in the city serving the best Mughlai cuisine to the customers.

4. Parijat

Nestled in Shakespeare Sarani, ‘Parijat’ is a maestro in serving luscious kathi rolls. If you are visiting this restaurant anytime in the future do not forget to gorge on their most popular double egg chicken kathi roll.

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5. Badshah Bar & Restaurant

‘Badshah Bar & Restaurant’ is one of the oldest restaurants in town to serve kathi rolls. This restaurant comes with a bar where you can pair a glass of chilled beer to enjoy with your rolls.