Can You Make Ghee In Pressure Cooker & That Too In 10 Mins? Find Out

A video on Instagram shows an easy way to make ghee in a cooker at home in about 10 minutes.

by Tashika Tyagi
Can You Make Ghee In Pressure Cooker & That Too In 10 Mins? Find Out

Adulteration and added preservatives in food make us wonder if eating packed food is a good idea! That’s why many people prefer to take time and make their sides, chutneys, and even ghee at home to avoid packed food. But let’s be honest, making your own ghee is a tiresome task that requires a lot of patience and time. That’s why when we came across this quick ghee-making in a cooker recipe, we knew we had to share it with you all. An Instagrammer shared an easy ghee-making process in a cooker that’ll give you freshly made ghee in just 10 minutes.

Create Your Own Ghee In A Cooker In Just 10 Minutes


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One of the best things about the Internet is that you can find easy ways to do even the most complicated tasks. Case in point – making ghee at home! That’s one daunting task that you can now do easily. According to a post shared by Shipra Kesarwani on Instagram, you can make ghee easily in a cooker in just 10 minutes. This is a much easier process than the whole shebang that one has to go through while making ghee from malai at home.

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A Quick Breakdown Of The Recipe That Can Make Your Life Easy

ghee in cooker
Image Courtesy: Canva

Now that you’re all intrigued about this whole process, we have done a quick breakdown of this recipe.

ghee making
Image Courtesy: Instagram/@shipravlogzone


  • Water
  • Stored malai
  • Baking soda
ghee making
Image Courtesy: Instagram/@shipravlogzone


  1. Put your stored malai in a cooker and add some water to it before stirring.
  2. Once you reach a smooth yet firm consistency, put your cooker on high flame.
  3. Wait for one whistle before reopening the vessel.
  4. You’ll find ghee already forming on top. Now, add some baking soda to the cooker and let it cook on medium heat.
  5. Wait and stir constantly for a few minutes and you’ll see ghee forming inside your cooker.
  6. Then sieve out the liquid and your ghee is done!
ghee making
Image Courtesy: Instagram/@shipravlogzone

Quite an easy process, isn’t it? Let us know in the comments if you’ll give this recipe a try!

P.S. – Please note that this is not a recipe by Curly Tales or a sure-shot way to make ghee. Our only aim here is to make the whole process easier for you by putting together all the helpful information we find online.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/@shipravlogzone & Canva

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