Canada Permanent Residency: Here’s How To Improve Your CRS Score

by Shreya Ghosh
Canada Permanent Residency: Here’s How To Improve Your CRS Score

The demand and competition of the Express Entry immigration system of Canada are dynamic and if you are thinking of applying for a permanent residency in this country through this immigration system, then you need to have a great Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The CRS score is a very important factor for permanent residency in Canada. Unsure about what CRS is? Keep on reading for all the details.

What Is The Comprehensive Ranking System?

CRS stands for Comprehensive Ranking System and this plays a vital role in whether you are getting the invitation to apply (ITA). While applying for permanent residency through Express Entry, make sure to have a remarkable CRS score as the topmost priority for ITA is given to those candidates who have the highest CRS scores, according to the rules. There are a lot of factors and components that come into action to determine the CRS points. The points are segregated by various components such as core, spousal, skill transferability, and additional points.

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Here’s How To Improve Your CRS Score:

As the CRS score is such an important factor for permanent residency in Canada, the candidates need to make sure to improve their scores as much as possible. Here are some steps that can be very helpful.

  • Language is the most important factor to communicate with people. And when a candidate is thinking of shifting to Canada, they need to be well-versed with the language as they will be examined on the basis of their skills such as reading, listening, writing, and speaking. And these abilities have a Canadian Language Benchmark that helps in gaining more and more points.
  • Age is always a huge component of everything that we desire to do in life. Similarly, when it comes to CRS scores, age plays a massive factor, and if the candidate is somewhere between the age of 20 years to 29 years, they can easily get 110 CRS points.

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  • The experience in the professional sectors unfortunately will not help in receiving any individual CRS points. But if the candidates have a high CLB and great work experience, it will be better for them.
  • To gain about 6 points easily per ability, proficiency in the French language will help.