Carnival By Tresind: Relish A Brand New Gourmet Menu At This Michelin Star Restaurant In DIFC

by Deeplata Garde
Carnival By Tresind: Relish A Brand New Gourmet Menu At This Michelin Star Restaurant In DIFC

Dubai is filled with hotspots that provide culinary pleasures through multicultural cuisines and dishes. But how to rank the restaurant that serves the best of all? Ever heard about Michelin-star restaurants? We have a suggestion for you in Dubai at a Michelin Star restaurant named Tresind. Tresind Dubai introduced a new menu at Carnival By Tresind and we assume it will be exciting and colourful!

Carnival By Tresind Get’s A New Menu

It’s going to be a vibrant time at Tresind as the Michelin Guide Featured Restaurant has introduced a new menu which looks like a gourmet delight.

The celebrated chef Himanshu Saini has created a delectable and inventive meal for the Carnival menu. So let’s check out the food! Chicken Khurchan, a flavorful combination of chicken with salsa beans, black olives and avocado cream served with blue corn tortilla crisp, is one of the new meals. Maggie Trolley, a novel take on conventional Maggi presented in three different flavours, is another. Carnival Chaat, their version of the traditional ghewar, is another standout item on our menu. It is covered with well-known sweet and sour Indian chutneys and toppings. The menu finishes on a sweet note, we’ve added a brand-new delectable dessert called ‘Go Bananas’. It’s a burst of sweet treats, an unusual but surprisingly delectable combination that will tantalise your taste buds.

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What’s So Special About This Restaurant?

The Michelin Guide has recognised Carnival by Trèsind as a fun yet elegant dining Indian restaurant that challenges the limits of conventional Indian cuisine. It is located in Dubai’s DIFC, a business district. This restaurant is extremely creative when it comes to its culinary offerings, with a large and expansive menu offering tastes both familiar and unfamiliar.

The food follows the restaurant’s trendy, colourful concept, yet Indian cooking traditions are also there. Carnival by Trèsind is a restaurant that highlights contemporary Indian food, starting with the varied, vibrantly coloured décor and moving on to the trendy dishes and creative mixology.

Modern Indian food is combined with cutting-edge cooking methods at this restaurant, resulting in a riot of flavours that transport you to an extraordinary culinary adventure. Let the gastronomic journey begin!

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release/Carnival By Tresind