Celeb Nutritionist Pooja Makhija Has The Ultimate Hack To Overcome Sugar Cravings

by Sanjana Shenoy
Celeb Nutritionist Pooja Makhija Has The Ultimate Hack To Overcome Sugar Cravings

Are you guilty of craving a mandatory dessert or something meetha post a meal? And your dessert stomach doesn’t get fulfilled with one helping of mithai? Then you’re not alone, my friend. Join the gang! Celebrity nutritionist, Pooja Makhija has an essential tip for all of us to control our sugar cravings. Hint: It involves a pinch of salt!

Pooja Makhija Says Beat Sugar Cravings With Salt!

Recently, celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija shared a reel on Instagram that talks about curbing sugar cravings. She draws a vital connection between incorporating salt in our diets to control our sugar cravings. How does this work? It’s simple! In her caption, she mentions that salt can quench uncontrolled sugar cravings. The nutritionist acknowledges that while it may sound simple or silly, it actually works. In fact, it’s a tried and tested method.


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In the video, Pooja Makhija asks us the million-dollar question, whether think chocolates our calling out our names. Hell yeah! The nutrition expert goes on to explain that when we eat more sugar, we crave more sugar. This is because sugar stimulates our brain’s dopamine centre. And that’s why get addicted to sweets and simply find them hard even impossible to resist.

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A Tip Worth Its Weight In Salt!

Here’s where you shouldn’t take this advice with a pinch of salt. After all, it’s worth its weight in salt. *see what we did there? wink wink! *  If you eat less salt, you crave more sugar. How does this even work? Pooja Makhija explains the how, what and why. The celebrity nutritionist states that salt is essential for your body’s survival. So, when you eat less salt it causes “internal starvation”.

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Internal starvation is when the body thinks sodium should be preserved. So, it sends messages to the kidneys that it needs more salt. That’s when the body secrets more insulin and the kidneys end up reabsorbing sodium from the blood. As you know, when there is more insulin in the body, the sugar levels drop. And the body ends up craving more sugar. Did you just have your aha moment?

Time to thank Pooja Makhija for simplifying this concept for us and helping us to understand our bodies better. The next time you have an urgent sugar craving? Just beat the mithai cravings with namkeen!

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