Central Railway Peak Morning Services Hit After Woman Jumps Into Motorman’s Cabin To Halt Train 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Central Railway Peak Morning Services Hit After Woman Jumps Into Motorman’s Cabin To Halt Train 

People who travel by Mumbai locals regularly or have travelled at least once, know how difficult it is to get into the train, especially during peak hours. Even if the trains are a minute late, many other aspects are affected. On Wednesday morning, central railway peak morning services were delayed as a woman jumped into the motorman’s cabin. The reason behind her action was to halt the train for a longer time. 

Central Railway: Woman Jumps Into Motorman’s Cabin

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On Wednesday, the Central Railway train was delayed. One of the female passengers jumped into the motorman’s cabin at Diva station and requested that he stop the crowded train for a few more minutes. 

When the 6.23am Khopoli-CSMT local arrived approximately 30 minutes late on platform number 2 rather than 4 at Diva station, the incident was reported. According to activist Adesh Bhagat, commuters rushed between the stations to board the already crowded train, including Shinde, who works in Chembur and lives in Sabe Gaon Diva (E). 

The woman at first requested the motorman halt the train for a few more minutes, but the motorman started the train as he had no such authority. She jumped into his cabin, and he halted the train and asked her to get down. When the woman denied it, he informed the authorities and police. 

Police asked her to leave because there was no female staff, according to a train official. When she was eventually able to board an adjacent coach, the train departed at 7:05 am.

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Charge Sheet Filed 

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A charge was filed under the Indian Railways Act when an RPF squad pursued Shinde all the way to Kurla and brought her back to Diva, according to a CR official.

Inspector Girish Tiwari of the Diva RPF reported that the other woman was arrested for causing a disturbance and blocking railway traffic. Shinde said  that her goal was to make sure that the train stopped for a longer period of time so that passengers could board.

Central Railway officials identified three different Wednesday morning accidents as the cause of the delays. 

Following a delay caused by the pulling of an alarm chain on the Solapur-CSTM express headed toward Mumbai at Badlapur station, the female passenger boarded the motorman’s cab on a Khopoli local headed for CSMT at Diva station. Her refusal to leave the train caused more delays.

 A 20-minute delay was also caused by a technical problem with a rapid local train headed towards the CSMT in the Bhandup-Nahur sector.

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