Char Dham Yatra: Alert Issued For Rain & Snowfall In Kedarnath! Here’s All You Need To Know

by Shreya Ghosh
Char Dham Yatra: Alert Issued For Rain & Snowfall In Kedarnath! Here’s All You Need To Know

Thousands of devotees wait throughout the year to be a part of the iconic Char Dham Yatra every summer season. This year too, the gates of the temples in Uttarakhand have opened already and pilgrims from different corners of the country are travelling to the state to experience this wonderful devotional journey. Unfortunately, the bad weather is turning out to be a major issue to visit the temples in the hilly regions. An issue has already been warned for the devotees who are about to travel to the Kedarnath temple.

Pilgrims On Their Way To Kedarnath Temple Have Been Alerted Due To Harsh Weather Conditions

Picture credit- Canva

Several parts of Uttarakhand is experiencing rainfall for the last couple of days and now this cloudy and gloomy weather is turning out to be a major risk for worshippers travelling to the Kedarnath temple. Following the sudden rainfall and sudden change in climate, the India Meteorological Department has already alerted everyone with a warning regarding the chances of rainfall and snowfall, especially in places with high altitudes.

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According to a report by Times Now, the alert considering the present weather is for about 2-3 days. As stated by the weather department, pilgrims should not commence their journey towards Kedarnath now and instead stay where they are at the moment.

Mayur Dixit, the Rudraprayag District Magistrate has also requested the devotees to stay at the same place they are right now. They should stay like this till the weather gets better and safe for travelling to the Kedarnath temple. Mayur Dixit also added that they may travel intermittently. He also added that everyone needs to take special care of their safety, follow the guidelines by the government, and cooperate with the district administration.

The Weather Is Expected To Stay The Same This Week

While alerting the pilgrims about the rainfall and snowfall on their journey to the Kedarnath temple, the IMD also stated how the weather might continue like this throughout the week. The department added in the official statement that the Kedarghati weather is expected to be cloudy and gloomy this week with an alert for rainfall and snowfall.

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This weather has also led the government to not continue with the registration process. The sudden change in weather is turning out to be a disaster for everyone!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva