Chef Anahita Dhondy Rants About Street Food Being Plagued With Cheese & Mayo & We Agree

by Tooba Shaikh
Chef Anahita Dhondy Rants About Street Food Being Plagued With Cheese & Mayo & We Agree

If you’ve seen food reels lately, the common thread that you’ll witness in most them, especially if they’re of street food items, is that they all seem to be loaded with cheese and mayonnaise. There are a number of eateries that solely serve items that are loaded with cheese. No street food item has been untouched by cheese. And now, it seems that Chef Anahita Dhondy has had enough! Here’s what she said about it on her Instagram.

Chef Anahita Dhondy Rants About Street Food Being Plagued With Cheese And Mayo

Cheese dosa, cheese Maggi, cheese dabeli, cheese vada pav, and even cheese pani puri. No street food item seems safe from this epidemic of putting cheese on every conceivable food item. How many times have you cringed while scrolling through social media and looking at the dime-a-dozen food bloggers and influencers gorging on the latest monstrosity doused in mayonnaise?

Well, you’re not the only one it seems. Chef Anahita Dhondy, too, has had enough of this and wants this epidemic to end. She took to her Instagram account and posted a brief rant on the topic and we couldn’t help but nod vigorously along with her in agreement.

In the text post, she said that lately, she’s seen reels of people eating street food that is otherwise pretty normal but has loads of cheese, mayonnaise, and piri piri spice mix. She goes on to say that Indian street food is perfect just the way it is and doesn’t need these unnecessary toppings.

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‘Contains Preservatives’ Warns The Chef

Chef Dhondy also cautions against these toppings because the cheese that such eateries use is processed. It is full of preservatives which is incredibly harmful to your health. So, adding piri piri, mayonnaise, and cheese to all your street food is bad not just because it shows a lack of imagination, but also because it is bad for you.

Her rant is totally relatable and we couldn’t agree more. Look, we’re not saying that cheese, mayonnaise, and toppings of this ilk are all bad. But they all have their own place. If you want to top your pizza or sandwich off with this, by all means, go nuts. But when these toppings are added to food items like pani puri, dosa, and bhel puri, that’s when it gets too much.

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Cover Image Credits: Anahita Dhondy/Facebook & Wikimedia Commons