Chef Ranveer Brar Finds Many Similarities Between People In India & Abu Dhabi | Curly Tales

by Shreya Ghosh
Chef Ranveer Brar Finds Many Similarities Between People In India & Abu Dhabi | Curly Tales

One of the world’s most renowned chefs, Chef Ranveer Brar joined Content Producer Saba Asif on a super fun episode of Sunday Brunch on Curly Tales Middle East. Becoming the youngest executive chef only at the age of 25 years, he is not only ruling the culinary world globally but also is immensely loved by people all around the world. Chef, author, and restauranteur, he has many feathers on his cap. Let’s get to know him on this episode!

Chef Ranveer Brar Finds These Similarities Between India & Abu Dhabi

This was Ranveer’s first time staying in the magnificent Abu Dhabi and we can surely say that he absolutely loved the place. He was very excited to be here and clearly enjoyed the enchanting vibes of Abu Dhabi. The chef was in the UAE capital for some cooking contests and meanwhile, he also graced his presence in a Sunday Brunch video with Saba Asif. He spoke about his food preferences, memorable stories of his career, and so much more.

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When Saba asked Ranveer whether he noticed any similarities between India and Abu Dhabi, he replied, “I think the generosity of people, the love for food, the ability to travel anywhere for good food; that’s a commonality that I think is there.”

He Doesn’t Really Miss India While In Abu Dhabi!

Ranveer Brar
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When it comes to cooking in the kitchen, be it in India or Abu Dhabi, the atmosphere and surroundings are quite similar. Everything that Ranveer needs to prepare different dishes is found in Abu Dhabi kitchens as well, so he doesn’t really miss India when it comes to finding ingredients or kitchen things.

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Growing up in Lucknow, he always loved gorging on galouti kebabs and Lucknowi biryani. These are some of his favourite delicacies when in Lucknow. BTW if you are visiting Lucknow, the chef has recommended some of his favourite restaurants in the city. Do not forget to bookmark them.

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