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by Shreya Rathod

Do you remember watching Masterchef India and wondering who was the chef with the cutest smile? That’s Chef Vikas Khanna!! And this celebrity chef is known for his wonderful cooking skills and entrepreneurial attitude. No matter how successful, Vikas Khanna is a down-to-earth man and treats everyone with the utmost respect. But why are we telling you this? Well, on today’s Sunday Brunch episode, we are going to brunch with Michelin star Indian celebrity chef, Vikas Khanna. Let’s get candid with him about his childhood, love for food, restaurant business and more!

Chef Vikas Khanna & MasterChef India

While indulging in a scrumptious meal, our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani asked Vikas Khanna about what he has discovered through ‘MasterChef India’. He replied that when people from small towns come to MasterChef, they bring a piece of India. MasterChef is the centre of the ecosystem of produce. And it has given a platform to cooks to showcase their talent and earn respect.

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This platform has also given a spotlight to them (the contestants) and helped their dishes to be known widely. And people want to sell these viral recipes in their restaurants. This includes a chain of businesses from cooking schools, training institutes, different projects and people being interested more in chefs. The very fact that now people compliment the chefs by saying “thanks to the chef!” is a change that he discovered.

His Journey In The NYC

vikas khanna

Credits: Curly Tales India

Chef Vikas Khanna is known around the world and Kamiya Jani asked him about his first experience in New York City. He said that his first reaction after landing in the city was that those who scared him are actually scared of him. And he took a firm step of not being scared of people intimidating him.

America is a tough country for coloured people, but to have a stand and talk about Indian cuisine was unheard of. But it was more about pride. For Chef Vikas, standing up again even after life has served you all kinds of failure is the key.

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To know more about how this Sunday Brunch went with the chef, tune in to the video linked above.

Cover Image Courtesy: Curly Tales India

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