Chef Vikas Khanna Taught Shabana Azmi Cooking Right From Scratch! | Curly Tales

by Mallika Khurana
Chef Vikas Khanna Taught Shabana Azmi Cooking Right From Scratch! | Curly Tales

Being one of the best expert chefs in the globe, Chef Vikas Khanna has won the hearts of people all over the world. People all across the globe have been moved by MasterChef India. With his commitment, hard work, and excellent talents, he proudly represents India on a global stage. Yet he didn’t limit himself to a career in the food sector. He is passionate about food, and we got a glimpse at some of his favourite dishes from both India and abroad. In this episode of Tere Gully Mein, Vikas Khanna talked at length with Kamiya Jani, Editor-in-Chief of Curly Tales, and he revealed the various layers of his professional life to us.

Vikas Khanna Taught Shabana Azmi How To Cook

To give a perspective, Chef Vikas Khanna is coming up with another movie Imaginary Rain, starting veteran actor Shabana Azmi. Chef Vikas looks up to her immensely and he wanted someone as authentic as her to play a character that is a tribute to his grandmother. The story revolves around a chef who moves to America.

However, Shabana Azmi doesn’t know how to cook. But because her craft is so sacred to her, she refused to cheat around it. Instead, she learnt all those things she had to do as a chef in the movie. Vikas Khanna shared that someone who didn’t even know what a peeler was or how to peel a potato, embraced her personality as a chef as soon as she came on the set. Even the chefs at her home refused to believe that she had to cook in the movie.

But there it is! We are going to watch her making different kinds of bread and whatnot.

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He Doesn’t Believe He Is Cut Out To Be In Front Of The Camera

Chef Vikas Khanna
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Discussing all that he has achieved in his life as a chef, filmmaker, author, a MasterChef judge, he was asked what’s next. In his answer, he mentioned that he believes he doesn’t belong in front of the camera. He would rather be behind it creating stories.

To know his biggest achievement to date, watch the video!

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