MasterChef India Judge Opens Gup Shup, A Fine-Dining Restaurant In Singapore Celebrating Indian Street Food

by Mallika Khurana

Indian cuisine is being brought to Singapore by renowned Indian chef Surjan Singh, commonly known as Chef Jolly.  His newest dining concept, GupShup, is the talk of the town and for all the right reasons. Focusing on traditional Indian street food, the vibrant restaurant is the newest addition to the recently renovated Serangoon House.

GupShup, which translates to “conversations,” was inspired by Indian rural women who would meet together in the evenings to catch up and roll bread for their family dinner. As per the Chef, the restaurant is a space to escape away from life and into delightful times with friends and loved ones.

Gupshup Is A Spot Of Spice And Vibrance


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The attractively constructed decor features cosy banquet seats made of velvet and wallpaper with images of colonial India. It reflects the vivacious and joyous ambience.

Hearty street food from several Indian regions, such as Delhi, Bombay, Punjab, and central India, can be found on the elaborate menu. There is something to relish in for everyone. If you’re searching for something familiar, try the flavorful Delhi butter chicken cooked in a tandoori oven.  The pani poori stuffed with potatoes and lentils is a must-try as well. The shot of sweet and sour tamarind and a shot of hot mint served with it will remind you of the streets of India.

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Drop By For Authentic Indian Street Food


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With a menu that seems familiar comes a home-like taste as well. The tawa chicken masala, a flavorful dish of delicious chicken chunks marinated and cooked in a tandoori oven till they are aromatic, is a good choice for those who like something rich and spicy. For added texture, these chunks are placed on top of the fluffy and crisp paratha.

The jamun is a classic Indian dessert of milk-cake doughnuts steeped in rose-flavoured sugar syrup. It is undoubtedly the greatest way to cap off the dinner. Crispy pistachios are used to adorn Singh’s version of the treat. With a warm cup of masala tea, counterbalance the sweet flavours and experience the epitome of Indian excellence.

GupShup is the place to be whether you want to reconnect with loved ones or enjoy substantial Indian food.

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