Chef Vikas Khanna Thinks That He Is Not Cut-Out For Television

Honestly, is he kidding?

by Ankita Mazumdar
Chef Vikas Khanna Thinks That He Is Not Cut-Out For Television

Vikas Khanna dons multiple hats along with being one of the most renowned chefs in the entire world. He is extremely wonderful at juggling different designations. Be it an actor, an author, an entrepreneur, a director, a filmmaker, or any other profession, he nails it flawlessly. What amazed us was when he told us that he thought he might not be cut out to star in front of the camera. Watch this delightful episode of Tere Gully Mein with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, to know why he thinks that.

Chef Vikas Khanna Believes He Was Not Made For Television

We all know and praise Chef Vikas for all of his talents! Whether it is for judging MasterChef India, cooking delicious food, acting in documentaries and TV shows and whatnot. Towards the end of the episode, Kamiya was curious to know what else he wanted to tick off his bucket list.

He surprised us by speaking about how he thought he was not cut out to face the camera at all! He said, “I was not cut out for TV and I know that…I can do much better behind the camera.” When he disclosed this, Kamiya disagreed and said, “Of course you are!” We will always stand by this, Chef!

Vikas laughed and continued discussing how he is more suitable as a creative person behind the lens, concentrating on storytelling and writing impactful stories. He truly enjoys the creative process rather than showcasing his fit figure and beautiful face. Little does he know that people all around the world love to see him in front of the camera and are drooling over him as well as the food he makes!

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He Thinks It Is Difficult To Act In Front Of The Camera

Vikas Khanna
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Vikas seems to be well aware of his acting skills. He shared with us that it is quite difficult for him to act. Chef even gave an example of his time on MasterChef India! He said that viewers could easily comprehend what his actual reaction was because he wasn’t able to hide his true emotions and it would reflect on his face. Vikas, as avid viewers of your television shows, we disagree.

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Did you know Vikas thought of posing shirtless after our interview for this fun episode? Tap the video linked above to know all about it.

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