Chennai Airport: Server Outage Disrupts Outbound International Services; 1,500 Passengers Affected

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Chennai Airport: Server Outage Disrupts Outbound International Services; 1,500 Passengers Affected

The debate on whether technology is a boon or a bane for mankind is a never-ending one. Though with technical advancements, life has become way easier for us humans, its disruption for even a few seconds has the power to bring our lives to a standstill. A testament to the same was Chennai airport on Wednesday. A server outage disrupted outbound international services. 

Server Outage Disrupts Chennai Airport Services 

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Many passengers who were scheduled to fly out of India from Chennai airport were stuck on Wednesday. The reason they got stuck at the airport was a server outage that took place, leading to a disruption of services. 

The outbound services at the International Departure came to a standstill because of this server outage. According to the officials, over nine outbound services and more than 1,500 passengers were affected by the disruption caused. 

 The server outage came to light at around 1:30am and it was fixed by 6am. The outage caused disruption only in the international departure. Services like the printing of boarding passes and baggage handling were affected largely because of the same. 

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IT Team’s Swift Response

Credits: Canva

The server outage at Chennai airport disrupted international services, which led to delays in flights to Colombo, Dubai, and Bangkok. 

Unlike many other incidents, here the airport authorities very swiftly responded and handled the situation. The Airports Authority of India mentioned that this technical issue has now been resolved. It also mentioned that all the work and operations are now running smoothly. 

It generated an official statement while informing people about the server outage that took place. In the statement, it was mentioned that the outage actually took place because of the fluctuations that happened in the firewall in T1. 

The IT team at Chennai Airport very swiftly handled the situation and got it resolved. 

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