Congestion Tax Proposed In Bengaluru; What Is It? Will It Make Roads Better?  

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Congestion Tax Proposed In Bengaluru; What Is It? Will It Make Roads Better?  

Talk about Bengaluru, and I am sure you cannot end the topic without mentioning its terrific traffic! Recently, a congestion tax has been proposed in the traffic-choked city of Bengaluru by an expert committee in collaboration with the government of Karnataka. But what is the congestion tax? How will it be beneficial? Will it make the roads better? Calm down. We have all the answers for you.

Congestion Tax Proposed In Bengaluru

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Congestion tax schemes are made to charge drivers who enter certain urban areas during times of heavy traffic. This strategy has shown success in tackling traffic congestion, cutting down on air pollution, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Additionally, it encourages people to use public transportation instead of private vehicles. Congestion tax charges have in the past encountered opposition in Indian cities, yet comparable policies have been successfully adopted in many major global cities, including London, Stockholm, and Singapore. 

The infrastructure for FASTag already exists, according to the authorities, which will help in deducting congestion tax too. Camera-equipped toll booths would be placed strategically at the main entrances to busy areas. Cameras would take pictures as vehicles passed through these toll booths, and the tax would be automatically taken out of the bank account of the vehicle owner. (As per Times Now News)

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Focus On Reliable Public Transportation System

A congestion tax, according to representatives of the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), might deter the use of private vehicles and encourage the use of public transportation in Bengaluru’s areas that are prone to bad traffic jams. 

It is likewise seen by experts as a promising way to solve the city’s traffic problems. But Bengaluru people are upset about the same. They believe that congestion is inevitable in the city. This is because of poor public transportation, policies against carpooling, dug-up roadways, and other infrastructure issues. 

Many believe that the government should focus on constructing adequate roads and a reliable public transportation system before implementing new taxes. 

The research, titled “Karnataka’s Decade: A Roadmap to a $1 Trillion Economy,” has advised implementing a congestion tax on all non-exempt vehicles entering the city during peak hours, according to India Today. 

The research has identified nine potential access locations. It includes the Outer Ring Road, which last month saw a severe traffic bottleneck that left commuters stranded for more than four hours.  (As per Times Now News)

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What are your views on this tax?

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