Chennai Gets South India’s First Alcohol Vending Machine. Here’s How It Works

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Chennai Gets South India’s First Alcohol Vending Machine. Here’s How It Works

You must have seen different vending machines in India. From soft drinks to sanitary napkins to condom vending machines. Well, joining the automated vending machines, is an alcohol vending machine. Yes, you read that right. A mall in Chennai has installed South India’s first alcohol vending machine. Now people can easily buy alcohol with just a few clicks. Here is how this machine works and vends alcohol. 

Chennai Gets An Alcohol Vending Machine

Buying liquor is now a high-tech thing as Chennai Mall installs South India’s first alcohol vending machine. The Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation Ltd. (Tasmac) has installed these machines at their Elite stores. 

To buy liquor from these machines, you can opt for either online payment or also pay with cash. The installation of this machine will help in cutting down on the overcharging complaints by customers. Overcharging by salespeople at liquor shops has always been a complaint in the state. The machine allots tins or bottles of alcohol on MRP only. 

It is believed that this is just a pilot project to understand how it works and the response it gets. Based on this, it will be implemented elsewhere. 

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Few Clicks To Buy Liquor

As soon as the customer establishes contact with the alcohol vending machine, the machine displays a menu with all the drinks available in the machine. The customer has to simply click on the drink they want to buy. 

The screen will show you your cart and ask you to confirm your order. Once you confirm your order, the other side of the machine, which holds all the bottles and tins of alcohol, lights up and, in no time, dispenses your order. 

You have to simply open the pull section at the bottom and collect your order dispensed by the machine. 

Well, you might have questions about whether this will easily let underage kids buy alcohol. To this, the state administration has answered that the vending machines will have salespeople deployed near them. One will be able to buy alcohol only under the supervision of the managers or employees. 

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